The act of organizing things in a particular order is what the term ‘curate’ means. You can’t just own a bulk of goods and services, you need to allocate them accordingly as well. Similarly, when you curate content, wherein, you probably include the works of third-party websites to enrich your niche content post on various social media platforms, you should see that they aren’t just put up to show the quantity and meaningless variety, but, their theme should go with what your post wants to convey and should make some sense- this is known as content curation.

Content curation is carried out by marketers to present content that positively affects the brand building process of the company they work for, and to create genuine followers of the content that they put up on the company’s webpage or any of their social media handles. It is very necessary for marketers to properly mention the third-party website they source the content from and should move towards building a balance between original and resourced body of works.

“Great marketers have immense empathy for their audience. They can put themselves in their shoes, live their lives, feel what they feel, go where they go, and respond how they’d respond. That empathy comes out in content that resonates with your audience.”

 – Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz.

There are various tools which can help you curate your content effectively, and to make it a little easy for you, we have listed 12 awesome content curation tools to help you with your marketing responsibilities-

1. Triberr

You would definitely not let go of the bits and chunks of information shared by any leading person of a particular work field, whose outlook and opinions match with what you, as a marketer, look forward to include in the content you plan to curate. Triberr gives you the ultimate chance to connect with the leaders of various industries, and lets you share the original content framed by these top notch people to your online audience with ease. This content curation tool, also includes a feature where in you can be a part of a specific group of your interest and get direct access to all the relevant content given by the industry leaders. You will get your hold on industry experts which will make it possible for you to create content that is of significant value to the readers.

2. Paper.Li

Think about a newspaper that includes only that information which your customers are interested to go through and is at the same time aligned with what your company wants to convey to them. Paper.Li is a content curation tool that helps you to create an e-newspaper which will bring together all the niche content uploaded by you on various social media platforms, and also the works of the third-party companies that resonate the messages you want to convey. As a marketer, it will be easy for you to put up such curated content online and as well as send in a concise e-newspaper to your respective subscribers or followers.


The experts in the marketing zone consider the inclusion of the third-party content along with the original works to be more effective in attracting the attention of the readers. This sounds agreeable, because I don’t think anyone would be interested in going through content that talks only about oneself, however, the little puddle that it creates is that, it gravitates your customers towards companies other than your own. Now comes in the role of this online marketing tool called which helps in effective content curation. It’s been especially created by keeping the mentioned ‘puddle’ in mind by its creators. This content curation tool helps you to display your content on any third party website and will also enable you to include a call to action for your own website. Every time you mention a website’s content on your page, you can include a link to your own homepage on their website. A cycle of such events will definitely generate traffic to your website- this is what karma is! What goes around, comes back around and with this is bound to happen.

4. Twitter Lists

A coffee outlet is set up to let the coffee lovers know that there is some place out there which has everything to do with only coffee on its menu. It will create a hub of different people but with a common love for coffee. This is what you’re going to do with Twitter Lists, however, you will be talking about content and not coffee! But if you are a marketer for a coffee company then you can surely converse about coffee with all your might. On this app, you will be able to create a specific list, and also pool in the individuals who are generating excellent content based on the particular field they are good at, you can then promote the written database on your social media platforms to your regular and prospective audiences. This content curation tool also helps you to keep in check with content from influencers, brand new sites and competitors enabling you with real-time tracking of fresh data. Adobe is a brand that uses Twitter Lists for their content.

5. Curata CCS

The mantra of this tool is- find, curate and share. This is like a summary of what a marketer intends to do while at work. Curata CCS, where CCS stands for Content Curation Software, has been in this business of providing curation solutions for more than a decade now. It helps you bring together all the pertinent contents under one roof through the use of, keywords, shared or bookmarked topics, or authors. This will ultimately help you pick from the list which is uniquely based on what your needs are- you can incorporate your brands voice, you will also have access to numerous royalty free pictures to include in your content, and finally, you will also be able to share your content on various social media platforms. This software is used by most businesses to monitor their content. Like for example, JP Morgan.

6. DrumUp

A marketer deals with a huge collection of content while curating them appropriately for the company they are associated with. It is a daunting task and one needs to keep both the eyes, brains and the subconscious absolutely alert and open. DrumUP will help you to get your hands-on content that is at par with your intentions and choices regarding how and what would you want your content to be like.  The amazing feature of this content curation tool is that, along with assembling the most relevant topics for your content, it helps you add various social media accounts that enables you to monitor multiple accounts at one time. This tool has Android and iPhone versions, gives you hash tag recommendations, lets you update your various social media platforms with your new posts, helps you schedule the time you want to post content, and it also enables you to measure social media engagement for your uploaded contents with DrumUp Analytics.


Life of a marketer becomes easy, if they find effective means to seep in the suitable contents for their social media posts. Therefore, a worthwhile content curation tool will help you to achieve that goal a little faster. helps you in content curation by helping you put together various contents with the specific theme you have in your mind, as a marketer, and it helps you compare your contents KPI(key performance indicators) with the best of your competitors working on the same theme. It has an encrypted site which ensures secure browsing and is used by more than 4 million users.

 8. Vidinterest

This content curation tool is specifically dedicated to creation and sorting of video content. Vidinterest helps you to sieve out the best of the videos as per your requirement from well recognized sites like, YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion. You can bookmark the necessary videos and generate a curated playlist. It has a list of trending videos for you to go through and eventually recommend them on your content posts as per your scheduled time.

 9. Quora

The availability of efficient content curation tool is required to save time and energy of the marketers who put in a lot of effort to curate the best content for the audiences. Quora has become one of the most used tools for content curation in the present times. It helps the marketers to go through content based on questions which revolve around a precise subject matter regarding an industry, or any particular goods or services. One needs to use the relevant keywords to search content on Quora. It monitors user behavior and sends in email notifications based on your most browsed topic to the subscribed email id.

 10. Hue by Tint

This content curation tool understands the kind of impression you want for the content you post on various social media platforms. Hue by Tint analyzes the topics you are most interested in, and it monitors your moderation acts to figure out your likes and dislikes. This lets Hue to put across only those content pieces that resonate with your priorities. It also checks the degree of the audience’s preferences through analyzing tools like, engagement and click through rates. You can always contact them to solve any query you might have while trying to use it.

 11. Feedly

This is an RSS reader that keeps you updated with every new post from your preferred sites on the internet. This will enable you to include fresh updates to your content posts, thereby, bringing about efficient content curation. Feedly, helps you to create specific groups based on particular domains, keywords and subject matter. This will make it possible for you to see the posts put across on the particular groups and share them accordingly. This content curation tool is one of the most recommended aggregator of information on the internet.

 12. Kapost

The work of a marketer does not finish with content curation, they need to observe the after-effects as well- Was the curated content appealing? What new content must have come up? KPIs? How to keep up with the success or how to deal with ineffectiveness of the content? All of these will be answered by Kapost! This content curation tool will help you accumulate the best content based on your preferences, will keep a check on your performances and will further support you to maintain or upgrade the quality and effectiveness of curated content. Lenovo has benefitted from Kapost substantially.

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A good content curation tool affects the marketing of a brand in a huge way. The success of the curated content means that a company has been successful in generating genuine subscribers or followers, which further means that the marketing team has been able to create a certain bond of trust with the audiences/consumers. This bond assures the marketers that they are being listened to, and any business would want the attention of the consumers since the day of its inception. Effective marketing measures bring about effective sales and great content curation undoubtedly accelerates marketing.