Month: June 2017

How Demand Generation Can Be Achieved With High Quality Data

For every business that comes into existence creating and sustaining interest in their products or services is the top most priority. Demand generation is a comprehensive process that involves identification of potential prospects and nurturing of these prospects to supply the sales team with genuinely qualified leads. This, in turn, helps in building of better relationships between the sales team and prospects thus achieving guaranteed conversion and sales. Demand generation is often confused with lead generation but the basic difference lies in the fact that demand generation is a more extensive process that requires close collaboration between the sales...

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State Of Inbound Report [ Infographic ]

This Infographic highlights the ground breaking statistics quoted from Hubspot’s State Of Inbound Report 2017. Bringing to light the various changes taking place in the Inbound Marketing field, this infographic is aimed at helping marketers to make necessary changes in their strategies to achieve better...

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How To Use Data Sources For Lead Enrichment (CRM & Digital Marketing)

Lead enrichment may simply seem to be a process that provides your sales team with an enriched view of a lead. While this is true in essence, the significance of lead enrichment is not limited to just that. It is an initiative through which you can empower your sales team to understand the needs of your prospects and enhance the likelihood of converting the prospects into buyers. Armed with the intelligence about target leads, you can improve your customer relationships even as you aim to increase your sales and profitability. Since lead enrichment is a data-driven initiative, it is...

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How Segmented Company Data Type Can Solve Your Big Data Issues

Big Data has been the buzzword for business for quite some time now. It is the dynamic factor that enables businesses to leverage data for productivity, efficiency, and business growth. The wide scope of information encompassed by big data has been addressing the needs of B2B marketers as they work on new strategies to achieve their targets. But big data in itself cannot be a winner if it is not worked upon in the correct manner. Without proper analysis, big data can prove to be nothing more than a burden occupying huge storage space. But with segmented B2B company...

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How segmentation, clustering and grouping are critical in Digital Marketing

To succeed in today’s business world, having a strong hold on digital marketing is indispensable. While defining your digital marketing strategy, it is essential to keep in mind the critical factors that can make a significant impact on the outcome of your marketing endeavors. There’s no doubt that data plays a crucial role in the dynamic and ever-changing environment of digital marketing. But are you aware of the effects that segmentation, clustering, and grouping of data can have on your online marketing efforts? Having a digital marketing plan in place without considering these factors can defeat the very purpose...

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