Month: August 2017

5-Ways Effective Account Based Marketing Can Benefit Marketers

Lately, Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a word that has been doing the rounds in the B2B community with greater frequency. ABM also known as key account targeting, is a strategic approach to B2B marketing that targets specific high-value accounts. This approach combines B2B lead management and relationship management to grow the life time value of specific target accounts by engaging specific accounts and individuals across various stages of the buyer journey. The main idea behind the application of the Account based marketing strategy is to create demand at the handful of companies/ client accounts that contribute heavily to...

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10 Key B2B Marketing Trends That Marketers Need To Know

For B2B marketers, planning is a trait that is almost inherent. Tracking market changes and amassing knowledge of current B2B marketing trends is essential for marketers. With the B2B buyer purchasing behavior varying from time to time & the constant advancements in technology, a marketer who aims to design successful marketing campaigns cannot afford to go wrong with the most trending aspects of the marketing field. With the booming growth of innovation in marketing technology & the skyrocketing number of online marketing tools to choose from, most B2B marketers are unable to ascertain the right technologies and methods that...

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Supercharge Data Hygiene To Improve Your Marketing And Sales

A wise man once said, “Clutter is simply delayed decisions”. This is true in the case of data hygiene standards for every business set up as well Dirty data can be a result of a number of factors which include duplicate records, incomplete or outdated data and improper parsing of record fields from disparate systems. Eliminating these factors and accomplishing overall cleanliness of data is what constitutes Data Hygiene. Maintaining good data hygiene can boost your marketing & sales in more ways than one. These include: Effective marketing campaigns Higher Lead Conversion rates Insight-driven Decision making Larger ROI Better...

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Why Poor Data Quality Is A Major Roadblock In Your Business Growth

“Customers don’t measure you on how hard you tried. They measure you on what you deliver” – Steve Jobs Recently, I came across this quote and realized that quality of products or data is such an important part of any business. Data has become significantly prominent for every marketer. Every marketer seeks larger profits from the data they acquire by utilizing insights from this data for designing successful marketing campaigns. From actions taken by employees to reactions received from customers, there is a wealth of information that a business can collect. These insights are transformed by savvy companies into...

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4 Useful Tips To Revitalize Your Email Marketing Strategy With Social Media

Is your email marketing unable to achieve the desired results? Do you feel you have hit a roadblock with your email marketing? If so, you will be happy you read this article. Email marketing has become essential for every marketer to carry forth conversations with prospects, to prospect new leads and to follow up with existing customers. With the immense benefits it has to offer, email marketing can, at no cost, be neglected or sidelined over other forms of marketing. You can perk up your email marketing effectively with the help of another popular marketing medium- Social Media. So...

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