Month: September 2017

Account-Based Marketing: 12 Expert Definitions You Need To Know

You would have to be living under a rock if you are a part of B2B and don’t know what account-based marketing is! Account-Based Marketing is one of the hottest B2B marketing trends that marketers are continuously tracking. ABM maybe an under-implemented strategy but the stats related to this marketing strategy emphasize the powerful impact it has on sales and ROI. Most marketers are still getting hold of the tactics and applications of Account-based marketing. So let’s explore how account-based marketing came to be. The Rise Of Account-Based Marketing Like any other concept or technology that takes its own...

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6 Must Follow B2B Content Marketing Influencers

Before introducing you to the top B2B content marketing influencers, let’s see how content marketing has been influencing businesses in achieving their goals. There are experts who claim that the origins of content marketing started with cave paintings (source) while others say that the real developments started happening after the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg (source). Companies then in existence started using the printing machine for creating marketing pamphlets which were circulated far & wide for their promotional activities. This proved to be the turning point in the timeline of marketing. But the credit for popularizing...

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Top 7 email marketing trends in 2017 to watch out for

Have you ever wondered why people still question the potential of Email Marketing? There has been more than enough proof with the progress of time that Email Marketing is here to stay and is ever evolving. With Marketing Automation gaining ground, emails have become the most sought after digital marketing tactic. The Emergence Of Email Marketing Imagine how it would be to be stuck with post mail marketing. Every single day would be a challenge for a Marketer, as small customizations in marketing flyers would mean extra expenditure and any change in marketing trends would mean starting all over...

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6 Awesome Lead Generation Techniques That Work

“Running out of leads”- is a common complaint which a majority of sales reps raise in their organizations. Only salesmen understand the true joy of having a solid lead in hand. Lead generation has been in the sales business since the beginning of trade. Merchants used to travel far and wide to meet their potential clients for the purpose of business just on the hopes of hints and references. But today Lead generation itself has turned to become a huge business segment in the current corporate world. In simple words, Lead generation can be defined as the process of...

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Why B2B Marketers Need To Implement Marketing Automation

If you have ever been part of a marketing team of a corporate, you will know how hectic the work can be. Along with focusing on industry needs, the marketers are also supposed to concentrate on day-to-day tasks which are generally repetitive in nature. Imagine spending your time on sending the same welcome mail every time a new customer logs into your portal, sending emails on discount offers to existing customers every time a clearance sale happens or directly engaging with every new individual who enters into the company’s social media profiles. There is no point in blaming the...

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