Month: October 2017

10 Must Follow B2B Sales Influencers of Our Time

“Salesmanship is limitless. Our very living is selling. We are all salespeople.” – James Cash Penney Every person out there must have knowingly or unknowingly done sales  at least once in their lifetime. It doesn’t have to be about any particular product or service. It is a necessary skill of human nature to convince others by making them believe in you. Whether it is a job interview or a date, you are doing nothing other than selling yourselves. But to be honest some people outshine others in this, mostly because the needed interpersonal skills are a part of their...

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40 Top Guest Blogging Sites That You Must Write For To Boost Traffic

Blogging is something which is not new in today’s world. Every corporate or individual who has a presence online must have tried the concept of Blogging with awesome content for getting in to the minds of prospective customers, online-branding, building authority in your niche & for ranking top in google search results. Blog writing itself has changed its methods with the introduction of concepts like guest posting & it is gaining importance like never before in the digital world. The primary reason being, when it comes to blogging- You don’t want to keep all the good stuff to yourself....

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How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Social Media & Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing & Email Marketing : The first time I heard the term Artificial Intelligence, I imagined a laboratory of sorts where a mechanical brain was being built. But then I would think to myself, If Artificial Intelligence is built by humans how could it be called Intelligence in the first place & then it dawned on me- we learn, we develop skills & talents to acquire a level of intelligence, that’s the case with AI too. Artificial Intelligence is no longer a part of the fantasy world & is slowly taking over many tasks which previously were...

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Scaling New Heights With Account-Based Marketing

Marketing is synonymous with competition. Every B2B marketer aims to race ahead & reach the finish line before the others. In reality, there’s no finish line! The more you use one form of marketing, the more competition there is to get ahead of. Account-Based Marketing, an underexplored but yet highly profitable marketing technique has been gaining ground for quite sometime now. In this InfoGraphic, delve into the various aspects of ABM & How you can Scale new heights with ABM!          ...

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Why Your Website Redesign Would Benefit From An Inbound Marketing Strategy

A website redesign is the perfect time to integrate your inbound marketing strategy into the site’s very fabric. In fact, your entire website needs to be optimized and focused on furthering your inbound marketing efforts. It is an investment that will pay off in higher conversions and increased sales. Is Your Current Website Giving You What You Need? You are in business to make money. Your website exists to market your business. Its design needs to further your need to make money. If your current website design is not doing that, it isn’t giving you what you need. Here...

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