Month: November 2017

Online Marketing for Today’s Businesses – 10 Tips to Make Your Content Marketing Efforts Fruitful

Content marketing is considered an important tool by the modern-day digital marketers, to gain consumer attention and garner engagement. Good content is the first requirement for SEO efforts, and audience online are consistently looking out for quality and informative content. This means that there is a huge competition out there and for any individual businessmen or marketer, it is getting much harder and harder to stand out with unique content and get results. Increasing value of content Many types of research have shown that more than about 70% of all B2B marketers are now producing more content than they...

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Revitalize Your B2B Social Presence with These Easy Tweaks

In the current business world, Social Media platforms are open hunting grounds for marketers. It’s one of the coolest ways available today for brands to connect with their audience & do their promotion. Social Media which were earlier platforms for people to simply connect, post their updates & share photos paved way for companies to enter for upgrading their business, primarily because marketers know that where there are people there is a chance for business. Today more & more companies are embracing the concept of Social Media. The notion that Social Media is only for B2C no longer exists...

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Data Quality And Its Impact on CRM Success

One of the most trending words in the dictionary of a marketer of our generation would be Data. Information has always been valuable in the world of business. Knowing who to contact for a sale, what kind of product will be sold more in a particular area, what is the value that a customer can bring in to business are all important information for merchants from beginning of trade. The quality of data always mattered in terms of Demand Generation then, as it does today. Earlier we have discussed on how high quality data helps in Demand Generation. You...

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Professionals Email Lists

Individuals that hold certain position within organizations based on their set of skills & qualification are called Professionals. Targeting these key decision makers will ensure more success but is a trouble for marketers with the traditional marketing approaches in this new age. Implementing Email campaigns will be more successful for marketers in getting results. With Datacaptive’s Professionals Mailing Lists marketers can streamline their campaign to a more targeted approach to ensure their campaigns are successful. Attain our responsive & verified data to reach top decision makers for boosting your sales & marketing potential. Professionals Mailing List From DataCaptive from...

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How CMOs are Evolving with The Changing Marketing Scene

Marketing is at the heart of every system, every business, and every trade form these days. Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are at the zenith of the marketing structure & with the evolution of marketing, have become more of profit and loss assessing businessmen than core marketers. Marketing is everywhere! Right from answering phone calls at the reception desk to giving out purchase invoices, every individual within a corporate set up has a marketing role to play. The dawn of the digital era has brought about a lot of changes in the marketing landscape, some areas being highlighted & others...

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