Month: November 2017

35+ Most Influential Women Leading B2B Marketing Technology

Women are leading the game in almost every walk of life. Irrespective of the industry they work for; women have excelled because of their dedication & multitasking skills. Though men are of equal caliber, yet women in B2B Marketing technology have made their presence felt with their work. You must be thinking why this article now when it isn’t even women’s day? I believe celebrating the contributions of men & women to any industry doesn’t require a special day, it’s more important to acknowledge their roles than their genders! The B2B marketing technology industry is composed of various strata...

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10 Clever Ways To Boost Your Lead Volume

Leads are the lifeline of any business. Hence the race to win more leads & convert them to deals is on in every business organization. Marketing teams need to be on their toes to build campaigns that help in better acquisition & ultimately more conversions. This infographic provides an insight into the various tactics that can be employed to open new avenues for a greater influx of leads. Discover how to build a greater lead volume & achieve greater sales success!            ...

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Job Position Contact Lists

Individuals are assigned within organizations as per departmental area which is called Job Position or function. Targeting these individuals as per their Job position will ensure more success as it can be a trouble for marketers with the traditional marketing approaches in the new age. Implementing Email campaigns will be more successful for marketers in getting results. With Datacaptive’s Job Position Contact Lists marketers can streamline their campaign to a more segmented approach to ensure success in their campaigns. Make use of our responsive & verified data to reach top decision makers to boost your marketing potential & shorten...

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10 Pro Techniques to Make Your Paid Search Campaign Successful

Alright so you know what’s PPC and willing to start a campaign but do you know how? Worry not, there are some unmistakably useful techniques to help you make the most of your paid search campaigns. Let’s take a quick recap of what’s PPC before getting started: PPC is all about setting some targeted keywords and then making ads based on them so that when user searches for those specific keywords, your ad shoots up. And that CPC campaigns require you to set up a cost you are willing to pay for each click. This was only the overview,...

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Top 10 B2B marketing predictions for the year 2018

We know, we know…By now you must have come across a variety of blogs which talk about marketing predictions for the next year. Primarily because it’s almost the end of the year & marketers worldwide want to share their knowledge with others, especially the ones that they claim to be earth-shattering (pun intended). Marketing is one of those fields which evolve according to time & technology. This is essential because applying the same techniques over & over again may not work every time primarily because in “planet marketing” today is not same as yesterday & tomorrow won’t be definitely...

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