Month: December 2017

11 Mind Boggling Big Data Predictions

Everyone seems to be dealing with the elephant in the marketing arena, the obvious challenge of Big Data! With advancements in technology, the amount of data being accumulated is huge & every marketer & businessman alike have to be well prepared for the overwhelming data situation that awaits them in the future. Join us & take a peek at some of the key predictions about Big Data that will be a sure help for your business strategies & will help you push your sales to win bigger profits.          ...

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Bariatrician Email Lists

Obesity is a disorder that is having a widespread occurrence, especially among teenagers. Bariatrics can help to get rid of obesity & related health problems. A Bariatrician is physician who is trained in providing weight management solutions. Bariatricians are perfect prospects for marketers who represent body mass assessment & tracking medical equipment, medical conference invites, medical journals etc. Bariatician email list – DataCaptive from...

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5 Must Follow Lead Management Practices To Boost Your Sales Funnel

Imagine a classroom full of toddlers. The teacher can’t treat few of them as favorites & not give any attention to others. They all are expected to be treated equally with undivided attention by the teacher. This is similar to the problem most growing businesses face, when they start receiving more leads that they can handle. They fail in managing all their leads equally which ultimately causes loss of control on lead acquisition & engagement. This is where lead management comes into picture! Lead management is the process of managing leads, constantly & equally. Since leads are the lifeblood...

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Addiction Psychiatrists Email Lists

Addiction Psychiatrists are mental healthcare professionals who are involved in the treatment of individuals living with addiction to drugs or alcohol or other addictive substance. An Addiction Psychiatrist usually works with detox facilities and rehabilitation centers and is responsible for reviewing patient records, counseling patients, creating treatment plans , working with families of patients and conducting research. Addiction psychiatrist email list – DataCaptive from...

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7 Must Try Customer Retention Techniques

My friend Bob is a smart sales ninja. He rocks at closing new sales in a flash, and he has an amazing conversion rate too. Still, he struggles to push the revenue higher. What could be the reason, he often wonders. The realization strikes and he gets to know that the clients he enrolled so quickly are leaving him in proportion. Surprising, isn’t it? Well, not really. Then Bob figures out that some of his clients left him for various reasons. Sigh! But Bob can tackle this by focusing a little more on his clientele and changing his sales...

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