Month: December 2017

How Data Helps You Improve Your Marketing Campaigns

Experienced marketers will always tell you that the campaigns they create are heavily relying on collected data and analytics. This is simply because building any marketing campaign with adequate research will increase profitability and productivity rates. Data driven marketing is a thing now because it works. However, many do not understand exactly how data can be effective to build campaigns. In order to help out, let’s think about some exact ways in which data will improve a marketing campaign. Better Budget Management Marketing managers often have problems with budgets. It is hard to stay within limits and the goal...

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5 of our favorite lead generation methods for your website

A website earns more leads when it is properly optimized to capture the attention of visitors. 61% of B2B marketers think generating high-quality leads is one of their biggest challenges. You can’t just throw a ‘click here’ sign on the site and expect to receive a flood of leads the next day. In the age where customers are becoming more and more educated about their buying decisions on the web, you have to use analytics and creativity to capture leads in the right way. If you are a marketer working on your business website, we have our favorite (and...

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SEO Tips to Remember When Designing Your Website

These days nearly every business, regardless of industry, has a website. A website reaches a vast audience, easily and effectively. However, to be truly competitive, your site doesn’t just have to look good and perform well, it must also be visible. The digital world is a constant battle for attention, so how can you make your site stand out from the crowd? The answer is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Its purpose is to increase your visibility and drive traffic to your site. And, if you’re wondering if SEO really makes a difference, ask yourself this question: How often do...

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6 Sure-Shot Ways To Increase Qualified Leads

All you hear when you are a part of marketing is, How to trigger the inflow of leads? How to increase the number of leads coming in? How to get qualified leads? These critical questions define the nature & sequence of tasks that must be designed to accomplish the final goal- Acquiring Qualified Leads & winning Sales. Lead Generation is an important part of the business process but unaided by lead nurturing & management processes is rendered useless! When you are getting a good influx of leads, many may ask- Why is lead qualification even necessary? The answer to...

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Occupation Email Lists

The Standard Occupational Classification system (SOC) of The U.S Government has classified all occupations based on collected occupational data to codes. Targeting decision makers as per there occupation will ensure success in business but is a trouble for marketers who approaches with the traditional marketing techniques in this new age. Implementing Email campaigns will be more successful for in getting results. With Datacaptive’s Occupation Mailing Lists marketers can streamline their marketing & sales campaigns to a more segmented approach to ensure their campaigns remain successful. Attain our responsive & verified data to reach top decision makers for boosting your...

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