Month: January 2018

Cardiac Electrophysiology Technologists Mailing List

Cardiac Electrophysiology Technicians Or Technologists are physicians who are responsible for the operation of highly advanced imaging, mapping, monitoring & recording systems. These professionals work in cardiac catheterization rooms, operating rooms & are also responsible for direct patient care as well. With our authenticated & validated Cardiac Electrophysiology Technologist Marketing Database & get connected with reputed Technologists from well established medical centers across the globe & leverage new opportunities to enhance your market reach! Cardiac electrophysiology technologists mailing list from...

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Cardiographers Email Lists

Cardiographers are the physicians who are in charge of the complex machines, primarily the ECG which are used to observe patient’s heartbeats. They support cardiologists who are doctors specializing in the cardiovascular system. Cardiographers are excellent prospects for marketers who represent companies who supply medical equipment & devices. Cardiographer email list from...

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How to Steer Your Sales Team Towards Conceptual Selling Success

  Within sales-based conversations, there are two processes occurring simultaneously: the selling process from the salesperson, and the buying process from the customer. Traditionally, sales training has focused heavily on the selling process, teaching salespeople how to talk, make an effective pitch and persuade customers to buy. Conceptual selling, on the other hand, is a customer-focused approach, which looks to understand a prospect’s problems and identify their unique need, before relating the product or service you are trying to sell to that need. In this article, we take a closer look at conceptual selling and how you can steer...

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Personalized Marketing – The Key to B2B 2018

There will always be differences between marketing to businesses & marketing to consumers. Even though the end job is selling to a person, an experienced eye can notice the difference that runs deep between these two types of markets. B2B purchases are more based on logic & consumer’s purchase is more based on emotions. This is one of the reasons that personalized marketing has long been the foundation of B2C & not so clean-cut in the B2B world even though everyone talks about it, but few have mastered or even tried. Image Source : Tagove What’s Personalized Marketing In simple...

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Adolescent Medicine Specialists Email Lists

Adolescent Medicine Specialists are professionals who are specifically trained in the medical subspecialty to provide adolescents and young adults with comprehensive care and treatment for emotional and medical issues related to reproductive health, drugs, eating disorders, mood changes etc. With our verified Adolescent Medicine Specialist Email and Mailing Lists, marketers can connect with top Adolescent Medicine Specialists around the world and target products in the right market. Adolescent medicine specialist email list from...

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