Month: January 2018

Journey From Raw Data To Actionable Insights

Big Data in B2B was the talk of last year & every single organization that has heard about it at least once, might have thought of implementing it. For those who argue that big data is not for all businesses, that isn’t true. With few tweaks it can be modeled to any kind of industry & organizations can be benefited from the actionable insights derived from Raw Data accumulated.   In the world of B2B industry, today’s marketers have no doubt that big data has a big role to play, even though it has actually been around for years....

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Boost your Lead Engagement with These Tweaks

Many marketers of today argue that the goal has shifted from lead generation to lead engagement. Primarily because simply acquiring a lead is not enough. The revenue that is generated from the lead is what counts. But, we would like to say that the both should lead generation as well as lead engagement should be given equal priority. Lead generation done correctly can fill up your pipeline with quality leads & lead engagement done with care can make sure that the leads get converted. A lead turns out to be an engaged one when it reacts positively to your...

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5 Secrets to Awesome B2B Buyer Persona

60-70% of B2B marketers say they do not understand their buyers – getlift Marketers & salespeople of all industry types should know their customers. There is no excuse to that. If you don’t know about your customers, how will you market or sell your product/service to them? You must have certainly heard the term “buyer persona” & the statement that “the buyer now controls the sales process” being tossed around the world of trade today. Putting together both,  it can be said that developing buyer persona is important in this age where the prospect is smarter than ever before....

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Awesome Role of CFO in Smart Decision Making

As the proverbial saying goes, it takes money to make money. From the dawn of trade, businesses have been considering their finances for purposes that range from surviving in bad times to reinforcing success during the good ones. Finance affects the ability to employing staff, purchasing goods, acquiring licenses, expanding or developing business. The world of business needs a book for recording crisis into context, to make sense of the wreckage & to identify what to do next. If money is the lifeblood of businesses, finance is the nerve center. And who heads the finance of a company, Chief...

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Magic of Lead Nurturing

Developing relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel & buyer’s journey is as important as generating the lead. Lead Nurturing focuses its marketing efforts to understand the needs of prospects & provide information & answers they need. With this PowerPoint Presentation, we have given a general overview about Lead nurturing and how it can help you in succeeding in your Business. Magic of Lead Nurturing from...

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