Month: January 2018

Watch out for these tools – Content Marketing 2018

“The only marketing left” –  Seth Godin It must been at least 10 years that everyone has been talking about content marketing even though  content marketing isn’t exactly something new. Content Marketing Institute defines it as a marketing technique of creating & distributing value, relevant & consistent content to attract & acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action. But in simple terms, content marketing is nothing more than communication through story telling. Brands have been storytelling to attract & retain customers from the beginning of trade. Researchers say that the first sign of...

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How Facebook can help your Business

Back in January 2004, when Google’s first social media platform Orkut was launched, we were quite excited about the way it gave us a new, free and quick communication channel. But due to its limited functionality that started with and ended on scrapbook, it could not offer more than what it was initially intended to. And then, taking lessons from the mistakes of Google, Facebook came along, and that totally changed for us, the definition of social media. Today, we have the biggest enterprises reaping millions with the help of only Facebook pages and the tools it offers. Technology...

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Revitalize Customer Experience with Digital Branding

Before going deep into how Digital Branding can boost customer experience, let’s check out some backstory. In today’s world anything can be a product. Let’s take plain old water as an example. There are tons of bottled water brands around the world and they all sell “water”. But how do these companies convince customers to buy their bottled water instead of the one from competition when the product is nothing more than a transparent liquid. The answer is nothing but branding which enables companies to provide different meaning to the same product. Image Source: dezzain The concept of branding has...

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Join Content Marketing And SEO in 2018

Content marketing & SEO have been separate entities for a long time. In this year we will be seeing them coming together to become a force to reckon with as per researches. About 57% of respondents claim  that relevant content creation is the most effective SEO tactic that has helped them to achieve their goals. This means that if your marketing content is up to the mark & highly targeted, you will do well in the search engine results. Image Source: blog.sempo Earlier in the past media as an industry served to create content & do the promotion of it....

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5 Brilliant Ways to Use AI in Networking

Have you ever imagined of a network that can make decisions on its own without the intervention of any human? Well AI can do that for you quite easily. You need to have good knowledge about networks and networking if you intend to use AI to transform them so that they could make their own decisions. In this article, you will learn how we can use AI to transform the world of online networking. Some of the approaches discussed in this article are: Maintaining and protecting networks AI defined networking technologies for industries Intelligent Firewalls AI-based intrusion detection system...

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