Month: January 2018

Adolescent Medicine Specialists Email Lists

Adolescent Medicine Specialists are professionals who are specifically trained in the medical subspecialty to provide adolescents and young adults with comprehensive care and treatment for emotional and medical issues related to reproductive health, drugs, eating disorders, mood changes etc. With our verified Adolescent Medicine Specialist Email and Mailing Lists, marketers can connect with top Adolescent Medicine Specialists around the world and target products in the right market. Adolescent medicine specialist email list from...

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Anesthesiologists Email Lists

Anesthesiologists are physicians who are trained to administer and manage anesthesia given during a surgery. Anesthesiologists helps the patients in managing pain during and after surgery, constantly checks life functions, administers anesthetics and monitors the vital statistics to decide the time of shifting of patient to another room after the operation. With our verified Anesthesiologists Specialist Email and Mailing Lists, marketers can connect with top Anesthesiologists around the world and target products to the right audience. Anesthesiologist email list – DataCaptive from...

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5 proven B2B sales outreach strategies

Let’s be honest…B2B sales is bit of a tougher challenge compared to the B2C counterpart. Primarily because it frequently involves products & services that cost far more and it takes more time. In B2b sales those who have over achieved their targets get the chance to ride out to the sunset on their steeds while the underperformers duel with their seniors & get shot down. Along with the headache of targets B2B sales managers are tasked with additional responsibilities which includes direct sales rep management to territory planning, designing the company’s sales strategies, managing change, executing & overseeing incentive...

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