Month: February 2018

Effective Lead Magnet Ideas For More Conversions

Freebies, Ethical bribes, Free offers…. Call it whatever you want but there is no doubt about the importance of Lead Magnets in the world of digital marketing. Customers are the key to any successful business. To attract visitors in order to convert them to customers, you need something that can make them fall in love with your products or services, at the same time that’s mutually beneficial too. Let’s be honest. Lead generation can be really frustrating as many marketers are unsure of where to start. Majority of the marketers imagine it like: Get traffic Sorcery (just kidding!) Sales...

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Make Your B2B Prospects Love Your Blogs With Content Marketing strategies

“Content marketing rakes in conversion rates six times higher than other methods” – The Content Marketing Institute There was a time when content marketing strategies were damn simple. As long as you posted content, you were good to go & it never mattered if the content sucked. Coz, no one cared. Your content was working, you were ranking for keywords, and you were doing okay! Blogging was just a part of all this. And time has changed everything. The blogs that used to work ain’t working anymore. If you were lucky, you might have not got hit with algorithmic...

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Game of Customer engagement strategies in B2B Marketing

We have already crossed the first month of 2018. Which means one month less, for all the out of the box marketing for this year. In spite of the fact that a ramification of marketing with some distinctive particularities & approaches exists, B2B is still a form of marketing, nonetheless. And whether it’s B2B or B2C potential customers are always needed for the growth of a business. To transform these potential customers into sales, tactical customer engagement strategies are needed by marketers. B2B marketing gurus around the world agree that being customer centric is important for success but there...

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7 Superbly Effective Lead nurturing Tactics

To be a great marketer or sales person, you need to realize that leads need a little push, and it can usually be brought about with effective ‘Lead Nurturing’. Although initially marketers & sales reps failed to identify the importance ofthis critical process. But in the recent years with the emergence of ABM & other marketing approaches that rely heavily on customer retention & building relationships, Lead nurturing is now a key strategy that can give your business the boost it requires. Come discover the 7 Superbly Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics that can send your profits rocketing sky...

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8 Surprising Habits That Hurt B2B Sales Productivity

The primary aim of any organization in a corporate is to be more productive at a faster pace. But, what many don’t realize is that it’s many of the habits & workflows that actually slow down overall productivity. The same goes for B2B sales productivity. In simple terms, B2B is the interchange of services, products or information between businesses, rather than between businesses & consumers. Thus B2B Sales is about acquiring the needs of businesses, even though the demand for the products or services made by these businesses is likely driven by consumers in their homes. Productivity refers to...

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