Month: February 2018

Deadly challenges in today’s B2B Marketing

“People are still people, and if you have been approaching people all along, with the principles of B2B marketing and sales, then you will keep succeeding.” – Old marketing saying You might have seen in the evergreen classic “Karate Kid” movie where the protagonist Daniel gets trained in the Gōjū-ryū style of karate by Miyagi. Well, it’s not as simple as that to learn the art of B2B Marketing (pun intended). There are many things you need to understand about B2B Marketing in today’s time. Unfortunately, many B2B marketing warriors are having a difficult time in understanding what they...

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Sales and marketing alignment – Tips to safeguard

Sales and marketing alignment can help your company become 67% better at closing deals – Marketo Sales and marketing alignment has been a long time dream for those trying to make a buck with their wits. Even though dynamic & evolving, both sales & marketing dates as far back as mankind existed. In layman’s terms, marketing refers to the activities that create a product & the avenue for its exchange while sales is offering the product at a price. Everyone has something or the other to sell. It’s said that in the olden days where there was no money,...

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Connect with hard-to-reach technology users with content marketing

New software comes up every year and technology users around the world are on the rise. It’s the way of the modern world of technology where everything keeps on altering at a rapid level with one aim, to bring out better results. Technological manufacturers will be introducing new kinds of software for problems that nobody could solve & constantly adding more features to upgrade the existing ones. Technology users of corporates will continuously request for pretty much anything they want as long as there is even a slight chance that it might make them more effective at their jobs....

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