Month: March 2018

Important things to Consider when Implementing a BI Solution

Business Intelligence (BI) helps human beings understand their business complexities better. It is essentially a combination of various techniques and tools designed to enhance business performance and to help entrepreneurs in making the right business decisions. For most organizations, it works as a support system that helps analyze large amounts of data and develops insights that further business progress. Businesses are using the BI trend by giving their employees access to a training course like a Big Data Architect course and so they can deal with data and help make better decisions. With so many techniques, tools, and methodologies...

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Amazing Sales Blogs Every B2B Marketer Must Follow

Blogs are more than just a lead generation avenue; they can be a great source of information for new and experienced marketers alike. Read on for the 16 essential sales blogs (in no particular order) that must feature on every B2B marketers list. From cold calling to lead generation to social selling, these blogs cover the entire gamut of B2B marketing. 1. SalesFolk Founded by Heather R Morgan after being asked by her boss to seek out prospective clients in a new, unfamiliar industry, Salesfolk connects B2B businesses with potential customers by providing templates for cold emails. Gain an...

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Top 10+ Noteworthy CMOs of the Marketing World

Marketing has always been at the heart of businesses from the inception of trade and for majority of men & women of the marketing world, the title of chief marketing officer (CMO) is only a dream of holding one day. CMOs are central to the success of corporations & they are notable for their unique style of offering to the businesses.  They are infamous in engaging with their target audience, delivering intelligence & foreseeing customer trends, which ultimately increases the bottom line sales & profitability. Bonus: Evolution of CMOs in planet corporate CMOs are more important to the success...

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Know Your B2B Leads: IQLs, MQLs, or SQLs?

We, marketers, are supposed to love challenges to the extent that it can be categorized as an occupational hazard. But the true marketing skill lies in how the challenges are dealt with. The art of marketing is making sales easier. Many marketers make the mistake of generating enough B2B leads but giving up after that instead of focusing on the most promising ones. This is primarily because marketers tend to end up focusing more on the quantity of B2B leads than their quality. The concept that lead generation is a means to an end, not an end in itself...

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Mysterious ways of how SEO strategies have changed over the years

“Old ways won’t open new doors” – Unknown Wordsmith Before going deep into how SEO strategies have changed, let’s check out about change in general & how marketers should view it. It’s no secret that everything in the world changes with the passage of time. The weak evolve to be strong, the poor become rich, and empires weaken & pave way for new ones. Change has always been the constant of the way of life & all of its aspects.  This is something which marketers should never forget. Marketing has been there since the dawn of civilization & marketers...

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