Month: March 2018

Chest and Cardiac Surgeons Email List

Times are changing. The importance of chest & cardiac surgeons are on the rise like never before in the market. They now hold important decision making roles in hospitals & clinics around the world. Learn more about chest & cardiac surgeons & connect with them for the sales of your medical products. Chest and Cardiac Surgeons Email List from DataCaptive...

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Top prospecting challenges salespeople face in 2018

As a kid when I watched movies like The Big Kahuna & The Goods – Live Hard, Sell Hard I personally felt that the characters were on par with the ones of Ocean’s series & Italian Job. Yea… it’s true that the job criterion is entirely different where one genre deals with selling to people while the other deals with conning. But now things have changed, the power has shifted from the smooth-talking professional to the hard thinking buyer and salespeople are facing some really complex prospecting challenges. This is because earlier it was simple. Prospecting challenges weren’t as...

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15 Must-Have B2B Marketing Tools

You must look at some of the important B2B marketing tools that are available for your use today. Such programs are often designed to help you with managing your marketing works whether it entails your main website, your email campaigns or even your social media outreach. Everything you utilize when working on your B2B marketing efforts must be checked accordingly. Managing those B2B marketing plans will be easy to handle when you use the right programs for the task at hand. These include valuable programs that will help you get the most out of the work you want to...

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14 Startling Marketing Automation Stats

Marketing Automation is the need of the hour for efficient processes and faster results. Most business are looking in the wrong places to find the right marketing automation tools and those investing their resources in the right direction lack the knowledge to use these tools to their maximum advantage. With over 200 social media networks and billions of users worldwide, Marketing automation must be adopted in a big way to realize business goals and earn exponential profit. Discover the impact & growth of Marketing Automation with these 14 mind blowing...

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Firmographic Data Append – The Future Of B2B Marketing

We all know that B2B marketing is hard. The benefits of segmentation sometimes can become too hard to grasp. Majority marketers think that a customary approach to market segmentation is enough. But the buying methods of B2B customers are so damn different that most large companies usually act & think differently compared to the small ones. This is where Firmographic data comes in. Firmographic data is important to B2B industries as demographic data is important to the B2C industry. Firmographic data appends are what make up an ideal customer profile. Imagine selling without knowing to whom you are selling...

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