Month: April 2018

Is your content marketing effective? 5 Ways to Know

Is your content attracting enough views? More importantly, is it serving the larger purpose of your client? Is it providing meaningful information to the public in the sense that they are able to derive benefit from it? These are some of the questions to ask when you enter the field of content marketing. The customer response is obviously the primary concern of any brand and you should keep that in mind when drafting content. When the draft is as meaningful as the product is to the brand and the customer response reflects the efforts, it means that your content...

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The Way Data Appending Works

The scope of Data Appending has diversified significantly. By regular appending data set, marketers can have richer customer information, capture changes in mailing or email addresses, attain new contact numbers & improve overall accuracy of your list. Data appending is critical to understand your customer’s DNA & help them regarding services. DataCaptive’s proven appending services can enhance your database and fixes the missing fields. Read on.   The way Data Appending works from DataCaptive...

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Cool Things B2B Marketers Can Learn From B2C To Win The Market

The path of B2B marketers & B2C marketers has been dissimilar from the dawn of corporate marketing. This primarily is based on the observation that the people who buy items for themselves act in a different way than people who purchase products or service on behalf of their companies. B2C marketers have always been considered as the cool kids while B2B marketers have been the geeks. This is because B2C naturally falls under the exciting category, with household brands that do extravagant consumer campaigns while B2B marketers are busy with selling complex solutions over excruciatingly long sales cycles. But...

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Awesome Guide To B2B Data Normalization

Data normalization, wow it gets me damn excited! – said no marketer ever. But if lead generation, reporting, & calculating ROI is important to you like any other marketer, then data normalization will matter too. The ways of business can drive normal mortals crazy. Marketing has evolved greatly from sending postal mails to social media marketing & email campaigns in the advanced times of today. In earlier days as well as current, being in possession of accurate client data is indispensable for successful campaigns. But in today’s world of cut-throat competition, it has become damn important to have client...

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What Is Data Appending

Maintaining data quality is now a necessity for every B2B business to sustain an intact database. So, it makes it highly essential to have effective data appending services for marketers to take care of the data issues that occur from time to time. We at DataCaptive understands this fact & provides Data Appending services to tackle this issue. Allow appending to work it’s magic & make sure to avoid the costly mistake of having bad data.   What Is Data Appending from...

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