Author: Amberlynn Adam

10 Easy Hacks To Boost Social Media Engagement

Hey did you check out the newly launched smartphone on facebook? What say! Is it worth buying? No no don’t go away thinking this an unrelated post. Here the stated conversation indicates how social media has grown to become an essential part of our daily lives. In early times, when letters or hearsay messages were the means of communication with people across countries, expecting an immediate response or getting heard promptly was next to impossible. But today, people tweet to get their thoughts across, post on facebook to speak their mind, log on to linked in for better business...

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Ebook-1 : 12 secrets for better business prospects

Building a business is all about acquiring leads, maintaining relationships with prospects and establishing a sales pipeline that yields larger ROI. To accomplish all of this effectively, the primary requirement is- Better Prospecting Tactics. Your Search For This Invaluable Knowledge Ends Here! DataCaptive brings to you – The Free E-book That Tells You 12 Secrets For Better Business Prospects Wait No Longer! Download & Unlock The Secrets of...

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6 Techniques To Improve How You Sell To C-Level Executives

Getting connected with the decision makers and having a short sales cycle that yields profit is a goal that every salesperson strives to achieve. Bogged down by the lack of knowledge and tact, most sales teams fall short in achieving this goal. C-Level Officers (CxO) are high-ranking executives who are the final decision-makers and thus selling to these officials is an art every salesperson needs to learn and execute carefully to develop a successful sales pipeline. Setting up a company and getting sales returns requires careful planning and execution. Most sales teams utilize all their time in contacting mid-level...

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5 Ways To Increase Marketing Automation Efficiency With Clean Data

Marketing Automation is the latest buzzword in the business world. With everything getting automated right from toothbrushes to automobiles, marketing automation was an expected advancement. Marketers face a number of challenges to achieve the desired results, one of them is to repeat the same marketing act or process every time they deal with their target audience. Marketing Automation is a software tool aimed at automating repetitive marketing actions such as emails, social media & other website actions. In order to harness the true potential of marketing automation, cleansing data to obtain error-free data is one of the most fundamental...

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