Author: Amberlynn Adam

How to Save Time in Targeting the Right Audience

Having a great marketing strategy is not enough to ensure success and growth. You need to reach out to the right audience at the right time and let them know the real value that your product or service can offer them. Well, making the right connections can make all the difference between success and failure. But in a business world driven by fierce competition, you cannot really afford to lag behind and lose time in reaching out to your target segment. You have to empower your marketing and sales team to connect with the right audience even as you...

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Why Data Mining Is Becoming Increasingly Significant For B2B Companies

Lately, there’s a lot of talk doing the rounds about Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in the B2B industry. What is all the excitement about anyway? The fact of the matter is that there’s a lot of data being collected and organized on a regular basis by most organizations. Data being the most important asset of a company requires certain computational theories and tools to be converted into usable information. It is this requirement that has led to the evolution of knowledge discovery in the database. Data Mining is a process used by companies to convert raw data into...

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Why B2B Companies Need To Prioritize Data Management

If you are an entrepreneur in possibly any business, data is one aspect you wouldn’t think of missing out on. With a large amount of unstructured b2b company data available, consolidation is as important as being in touch with the best data management practices. Data management can be simply defined as the management of information and data of an enterprise in a systematic way for secured and structured access. Data management process includes development and execution of policies, practices, and procedures in order to manage b2b company data of an enterprise in an efficient manner. Data management consists of...

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5 Sure-Fire Ways B2B Contact Data Can Empower Your Business

Setting up a profitable business is no easy task. One of the basic requirements to reach out to prospects would be to get pertinent B2B contact data. But how does B2B contact data actually help business growth? Most marketers fail to realize the importance of building comprehensive B2B contact data. Custom built contact lists when optimally utilized in your marketing campaign can fetch in-depth audience insights. What use are these insights then? These insights are of crucial importance to improve your marketing strategy and draw larger revenue. But why build lists? Organizing contact and company data into lists can...

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How Big Data Management Can Be A Boon For Your Business

The term Big Data seems to enthrall the entire business community with its potential benefits and possible costs incurred for its management. Big data is simply used to describe the huge volume of data or complex data either structured or unstructured that traditional data processing software is insufficient to deal with them. Difficulties in big data include capturing of data, storage of data, analyzing, searching, transferring, sharing, updating and querying. Big data management mainly involves organizing, administrating and governing of the huge amount of b2b company data either structured or unstructured. Enterprises, agencies, and other organizations appoint big data...

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