Author: Amberlynn Adam

Industry Wise Email & Mailing Lists

The technology revolution is at its peak & related industries are looking for marketers who can aid them in designing better business campaigns. But for marketers targeting them in a segmented manner will be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Having understood the various requirements of marketers we have designed our Industry Wise Mailing List for better focus on segmenting the target audience. DataCaptive’s Industry Wise Mailing List can help corporates dealing with Industry services in getting connected to the key decision makers with ease. Our e-mail database list provides a variety of contact information including names,...

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The social media boom 2017

Social Media is proving to be the marketers ground to develop contacts, acquire leads & create demand for their commodities. Jay Baer has rightly said ” Focus on how to be social not how to do social”. Social Media has taken the marketing Industry by storm & continues to do so. Discover the immense potential & accomplishments that Social media has made possible.          ...

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Technology users email & mailing lists

Technology is changing day by day. Companies are integrating the software with their products & services for upgrading their deliverability. But identifying the professionals of these companies who make the decisions regarding these can become a challenge. Datacaptive’s Technology Users mailing list can help Enterprises dealing with technology services in getting connected to the key decision makers with ease. Our mailing lists are designed in a way that it provides complete B2B data records of companies to marketers for better focus & for achieving better results. Our e-mail database provides a variety of contact information such as names, email...

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7 Best Practices To Improve B2B Sales Prospecting

For a business, prospects are its lifeline. Looking for ideal prospects though a tedious task yet is an essential one for sales reps. B2B Sales Prospecting when executed to perfection can yield remarkable results & can boost the progress of your business. Like every perfect dish that requires properly laid out ingredients, the process of B2B Sales Prospecting also needs an organized approach for the best outcome. This outcome is definitely better prospects, more closed deals & long term business relationships. What Is B2B Sales Prospecting & How does it differ from Lead Generation? Sales Prospecting is basically the...

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Why you need B2B email database for your Email marketing

As one of the oldest marketing technique which rose up with power of internet, Email marketing is still alive & kicking. But as any powerful weapon need its ammunition email marketing needs strong email database for successful execution. With this PowerPoint Presentation learn to know why you need to buy B2B email lists for effectively running your email marketing campaigns.   Why you need B2B email database for your Email marketing from Adam...

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