Author: Amberlynn Adam

Sales and marketing alignment – Tips to safeguard

Sales and marketing alignment can help your company become 67% better at closing deals – Marketo Sales and marketing alignment has been a long time dream for those trying to make a buck with their wits. Even though dynamic & evolving, both sales & marketing dates as far back as mankind existed. In layman’s terms, marketing refers to the activities that create a product & the avenue for its exchange while sales is offering the product at a price. Everyone has something or the other to sell. It’s said that in the olden days where there was no money,...

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Accuracy of Account Based Marketing

Account-based marketing(ABM) is a calculated B2B marketing approach where in the marketing and sales resources are focused on particular high value accounts rather than on particular individuals. This approach isn’t a new one but it hasn’t been properly utilized in the past due to the lack of optimal resources for its success. With the emergence of technologies like predictive analytics, CRM & Marketing automation, the major tasks of mining potential customer data and personalizing messages for better engagement have been simplified thus, facilitating greater possible adoption of ABM.   Accuracy of account based marketing | ABM from DataCaptive  ...

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Win The B2B Sales War With Video Prospecting

“The medium is the message.” – Marshall McLuhan Before going into video prospecting, let’s check out a small scenario. Imagine that you have the next best idea that can change the face of the world. You want to sell the idea in the form of a product/service. You know who to target. Only crafting the message & selecting the medium for passing it along is left. In today’s age where every single prospect is bombarded with marketing messages, it’s important that your message stands out from the crowd, grabs attention & ignites a response, or your idea will remain...

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Journey From Raw Data To Actionable Insights

Big Data in B2B was the talk of last year & every single organization that has heard about it at least once, might have thought of implementing it. For those who argue that big data is not for all businesses, that isn’t true. With few tweaks it can be modeled to any kind of industry & organizations can be benefited from the actionable insights derived from Raw Data accumulated.   In the world of B2B industry, today’s marketers have no doubt that big data has a big role to play, even though it has actually been around for years....

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5 Secrets to Awesome B2B Buyer Persona

60-70% of B2B marketers say they do not understand their buyers – getlift Marketers & salespeople of all industry types should know their customers. There is no excuse to that. If you don’t know about your customers, how will you market or sell your product/service to them? You must have certainly heard the term “buyer persona” & the statement that “the buyer now controls the sales process” being tossed around the world of trade today. Putting together both,  it can be said that developing buyer persona is important in this age where the prospect is smarter than ever before....

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