Author: Amberlynn Adam

Magic of Lead Nurturing

Developing relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel & buyer’s journey is as important as generating the lead. Lead Nurturing focuses its marketing efforts to understand the needs of prospects & provide information & answers they need. With this PowerPoint Presentation, we have given a general overview about Lead nurturing and how it can help you in succeeding in your Business. Magic of Lead Nurturing from...

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Revitalize Customer Experience with Digital Branding

Before going deep into how Digital Branding can boost customer experience, let’s check out some backstory. In today’s world anything can be a product. Let’s take plain old water as an example. There are tons of bottled water brands around the world and they all sell “water”. But how do these companies convince customers to buy their bottled water instead of the one from competition when the product is nothing more than a transparent liquid. The answer is nothing but branding which enables companies to provide different meaning to the same product. Image Source: dezzain The concept of branding has...

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Super Cool B2B Sales Strategy – 2018 Trends And Tips

 “ABC: Always Be Closing” & “Coffee’s for closers” – Blake portrayed by Alec Baldwin in (Glengarry Glen Ross). These are two of the catch phrases that are SFW from the motivational speech that’s given by Blake to the underperforming salesmen in one of the most amazing movies about sales- Glengarry Glen Ross. The speech has always remained as a controversial topic among salespeople leaving the doubt whether it’s good sales advice or not. Let’s go into some background research work before getting on to trends & tips to make your B2B sales strategy in 2018. Selling is believed to...

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Anatomical Clinical Pathologist Email And Mailing list

Anatomical Clinical Pathologists are professionals who are involved in the diagnosis of diseases through microscopic, macroscopic, immunologic, molecular and biochemical examination of tissues and organs. Anatomical Clinical Pathologists primarily works in hospitals, investigating the effects of disease on the human body via autopsies and microscopic examination of tissues, cells, and other specimens. Anatomical Clinical Pathologist Email and Mailing list from DataCaptive...

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How To Enhance Your Outreach Via Guest Posting – 2018

Marketing has always been a game of strategies. Every business needs to do some kind of marketing to promote their products. In order for a business to win, marketers must identify what strategy will work best for the particular niche industry & product. Outreach is one of the oldest yet effective ways to build relationships. In the world of online there are many outreach techniques & “Guest Posting” is one among them. In simple terms guest posting means writing & publishing articles on someone else’s website or blog. Its common knowledge among marketers that blogging is one of the...

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