Author: Kevin Morris

Awesome Guide To B2B Data Normalization

Data normalization, wow it gets me damn excited! – said no marketer ever. But if lead generation, reporting, & calculating ROI is important to you like any other marketer, then data normalization will matter too. The ways of business can drive normal mortals crazy. Marketing has evolved greatly from sending postal mails to social media marketing & email campaigns in the advanced times of today. In earlier days as well as current, being in possession of accurate client data is indispensable for successful campaigns. But in today’s world of cut-throat competition, it has become damn important to have client...

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What Is Data Appending

Maintaining data quality is now a necessity for every B2B business to sustain an intact database. So, it makes it highly essential to have effective data appending services for marketers to take care of the data issues that occur from time to time. We at DataCaptive understands this fact & provides Data Appending services to tackle this issue. Allow appending to work it’s magic & make sure to avoid the costly mistake of having bad data.   What Is Data Appending from...

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The Game of Data Verification

Approach of marketing in the B2B world has changed a lot from how it was earlier. It’s important for marketers to know the ways of Data Verification which is the process in which various types of data are checked for accuracy & inconsistencies once the process of data migration is done.   The game of data verification from...

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Chiropractors Email List

The world is changing fast which has resulted in more & more people turning towards alternative medicines where Chiropractic Medicine is a major player. This makes them hugely important for Medical Marketers. DataCaptive’s Chiropractors Email & Mailing List is crafted by keeping in mind of the importance of Chiropractors in the medical world. Chiropractor Email And Mailing List from...

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Put a spring in your B2B hop with these cracking Easter marketing ideas

Easter is upon us and brands have already launched into the race to impress the clients who are already eggcited to spend on decorating eggs, hunting for candy & binging on chocolates & alcohol. But if you are a marketer which represents the B2B industry segment, you may be feeling left out of the Easter marketing opportunities and taking the time for a well-deserved holiday. But it doesn’t have to be like that. There is ample room for us eggfaced B2B mortals in the celebration of Easter. So, if you haven’t boosted up your marketing machine to race into...

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