Author: Kevin Morris

41+ Top Guest Blogging Sites That You Must Write For To Boost Traffic

Blogging is something which is not new in today’s world. Every corporate or individual who has a presence online must have tried the concept of Blogging with awesome content for getting in to the minds of prospective customers, online-branding, building authority in your niche & for ranking top in google search results. Blog writing itself has changed its methods with the introduction of concepts like guest posting & it is gaining importance like never before in the digital world. The primary reason being, when it comes to blogging- You don’t want to keep all the good stuff to yourself....

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Key Pointers From The State of Pipeline Marketing Report 2017

Alignment between marketing & sales has been an on-going discussion in the business world from the time when corporates have come into existence. Sales professionals have been long complaining that the leads provided by marketers are not good enough & marketers have been complaining that salespeople are not properly working on the leads. It’s a common accusation that marketers just focus on filling up the top of the funnel with maximum leads leaving the sales team to put in double the efforts. The only solution for this is, rather than focusing on the top of the funnel the attention...

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Win your deals scientifically with Sales pipeline

Every profession has a defined set of concepts & processes and Sales is no different. Sales is a step by step process which the sales professionals follow to bag contracts. In this field, managing the sales pipeline is as important as maintaining the sales team of an organization. A Sales pipeline is a systematic & visual representation of product’s sales cycle. Sales pipeline is also called Sales process engineering because it refers to the rigorous processes & careful analysis that gives insight to the words “sales is a science”. Sales pipelines are designed with the sole intention of improving...

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How CRM Helps To Boost Business Progress

The talk about CRM has been going around the industry from the 1980s. Having its origins in the basics of customer management, CRM has turned out to be an essential tool for corporates for advocating the interaction between businesses & customers and to leverage important data for improving marketing and sales. Why CRM is needed in today’s Business world CRM software is one of the most effective tools in the modern world that corporates can use to track the activities of clients as well as employees for improving the overall performance which can result in increased revenue. CRM can...

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6 Must Follow B2B Content Marketing Influencers

Before introducing you to the top B2B content marketing influencers, let’s see how content marketing has been influencing businesses in achieving their goals. There are experts who claim that the origins of content marketing started with cave paintings (source) while others say that the real developments started happening after the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg (source). Companies then in existence started using the printing machine for creating marketing pamphlets which were circulated far & wide for their promotional activities. This proved to be the turning point in the timeline of marketing. But the credit for popularizing...

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