Author: Kevin Morris

Top 10 B2B marketing predictions for the year 2018

We know, we know…By now you must have come across a variety of blogs which talk about marketing predictions for the next year. Primarily because it’s almost the end of the year & marketers worldwide want to share their knowledge with others, especially the ones that they claim to be earth-shattering (pun intended). Marketing is one of those fields which evolve according to time & technology. This is essential because applying the same techniques over & over again may not work every time primarily because in “planet marketing” today is not same as yesterday & tomorrow won’t be definitely...

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SIC Code Email and Mailing Lists

Established by the US Government in the year 1937, to classify industrial areas Standard Industrial Classification (abbreviated SIC) is the system for classifying industries by a four-digit code that corresponds to a defined industry type. It can be a trouble for marketers to attain success in their sales campaigns with the traditional marketing approaches. Implementing Email campaigns will be more successful for marketers in getting results. But not knowing who to target can be a trouble & can waste the precious time of the marketer. With Datacaptive’s SIC CODE mailing list marketers can streamline their campaign to a more...

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Data Quality & Its Impact on Marketing Campaigns

Businesses cannot survive without their customers. The sole purposes of companies that are formed are to sell their services to their targeted customers. It has been like that from the beginning of organized trade. Sales & Marketing which evolved as we know today has its base which is deep rooted in customer acquisition. Knowing your customer can sometimes win half the sales for you. The history of business tells us about tradesmen who have been keeping up to date information regarding their clients & prospective buyers. Coming to the modern world there’s no doubt that customer data is one...

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Why Social Media Marketing Is Important In Digital Marketing

“Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.” –  American Marketing Association. Now before going in to the importance of Social media marketing in Digital marketing, let’s check out a bit of history of marketing & trade. As long as a product exists in the market, there will always be a need to market it to the target audience. Marketing is as old as civilization itself, primarily because as human beings we tend to have needs for things especially if...

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Awesome Growth Hacking Tricks To Boost B2B Businesses

The core idea behind all businesses unless it’s a non-profit one is to generate revenue. Generating revenue for business is what the core role of a marketer is. Marketers should try & test different methods that too in the most cost-effective way for grow businesses. Internet is the most favorite medium for marketers today primarily because it has changed the ways business market their products to the world. One of the most interesting technique that is shaking up the world of marketers especially in B2B business is Growth hacking which when used in the right way can result in...

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