Author: Kevin Morris

Stop landing in promotion tab and Ensure Success in Email Marketing

Everyone wants to be heard, right?      It’s one of the basic psychology factors of the human mind. But what happens when you’re voice is not heard even though you have put enough effort into it. The effort will get wasted along with the time spent for it & you will also feel disappointed. For that not to happen we take some precautions while delivering the message to another person. We alter the message in a more interesting way for the listener, double check the time to see whether it’s apt, we also try to keep it concise so the...

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Social Media Influencing B2B Purchase Decisions

Social media platforms are the new age public meetup venues where people can meet new ones, chat up with each other, get to know about new information & decide whether to accept things or not. And this social media venue set up has extended to almost all fields of our life including business. The modes of business have changed a lot from how it was years ago and more & more businesses around the world are waking up to the fact that their customer’s buying decision process is changing. Today’s customer doesn’t want to be felt that products are...

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Strategized Lead Nurturing To Close Deals

Marketing & sales have been a part of the business system from the dawn of commerce. It is now that they are considered separately, as both were deemed the same before. Selling is one tough process. Getting to know who the exact target is, connecting with them, explaining to them the pros of a product or service, trying to convince them, following up regularly & finally closing the deal is what a normal sales process is like. Selling is needed for businesses to survive in the market & leads are needed for sales to happen. For many, the main...

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Boost Your Business With Segmented Email Marketing Strategy

“Generate revenue by whatever way possible” – This may be one of the frequent statements that every person who works in the sales or marketing teams of organizations hears from their superiors. But is this “whatever way” technique always possible for achieving necessary outcome. Let’s imagine an office scenario where employee A, who is under tremendous target pressure, is trying to contact prospective clients for selling his company’s products. He’s trying the method of cold emailing. A is feeling frustrated enough by not getting any response but still is burning all his energy. Now let’s take a look at...

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10 Must Follow B2B Sales Influencers of Our Time

“Salesmanship is limitless. Our very living is selling. We are all salespeople.” – James Cash Penney Every person out there must have knowingly or unknowingly done sales  at least once in their lifetime. It doesn’t have to be about any particular product or service. It is a necessary skill of human nature to convince others by making them believe in you. Whether it is a job interview or a date, you are doing nothing other than selling yourselves. But to be honest some people outshine others in this, mostly because the needed interpersonal skills are a part of their...

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