Author: Kevin Morris

Authentic Sources of Quality B2B Leads That Must Be Put To Use

Salespeople are the profit makers of an organization. Making money for the company is their sole purpose of existence. But one may ask what drives sales? The answer is none other than Leads, that too quality ones. Anyone who has worked in the field of marketing/sales will know about the value of B2B Leads. Lead generation is the process of procuring information of prospects that are interested in your business for the purpose of further engagement. B2B sales cycle is usually longer, which gives enough time for about 94% of B2B buyers for research before buying. Since acquiring high...

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2018 Crazy Trends: ABM And AI in Marketing

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is still in its nascent state. But with the swift pace of change and disruption to business and society, the time to join in is now. – Gary Coleman, Global Industry and Senior Client Advisor, Deloitte Consulting The above statement was made during 2016 World Economic Forum meeting. We are now entering the year of 2018. If you have been keeping an eye on newsfeeds, you must know that a lot has changed especially in the world of marketing technology. We are currently going through the Fourth Industrial Revolution.The age of technological approaches which includes...

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5 proven B2B sales outreach strategies

Let’s be honest…B2B sales is bit of a tougher challenge compared to the B2C counterpart. Primarily because it frequently involves products & services that cost far more and it takes more time. In B2b sales those who have over achieved their targets get the chance to ride out to the sunset on their steeds while the underperformers duel with their seniors & get shot down. Along with the headache of targets B2B sales managers are tasked with additional responsibilities which includes direct sales rep management to territory planning, designing the company’s sales strategies, managing change, executing & overseeing incentive...

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5 Must Follow Lead Management Practices To Boost Your Sales Funnel

Imagine a classroom full of toddlers. The teacher can’t treat few of them as favorites & not give any attention to others. They all are expected to be treated equally with undivided attention by the teacher. This is similar to the problem most growing businesses face, when they start receiving more leads that they can handle. They fail in managing all their leads equally which ultimately causes loss of control on lead acquisition & engagement. This is where lead management comes into picture! Lead management is the process of managing leads, constantly & equally. Since leads are the lifeblood...

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10 Awesome Tweetable B2B Marketing Brands

Marketing has always been the game of attracting the audience. It is the process through which the value of product/service is communicated to customers. Even though the practice of marketing has been known to mankind since the origin of civilization, the term started being in use only since the late nineteenth century. Having its humble origins through word-of-mouth, marketing is today an advanced blend of strategy & technology. It’s because in marketing- you either adapt or die. Whether it’s print, radio, television or internet brands have been taking advantage of available mediums to communicate their ideas to the targeted...

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