Author: Kevin Morris

Top prospecting challenges salespeople face in 2018

As a kid when I watched movies like The Big Kahuna & The Goods – Live Hard, Sell Hard I personally felt that the characters were on par with the ones of Ocean’s series & Italian Job. Yea… it’s true that the job criterion is entirely different where one genre deals with selling to people while the other deals with conning. But now things have changed, the power has shifted from the smooth-talking professional to the hard thinking buyer and salespeople are facing some really complex prospecting challenges. This is because earlier it was simple. Prospecting challenges weren’t as...

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Firmographic Data Append – The Future Of B2B Marketing

We all know that B2B marketing is hard. The benefits of segmentation sometimes can become too hard to grasp. Majority marketers think that a customary approach to market segmentation is enough. But the buying methods of B2B customers are so damn different that most large companies usually act & think differently compared to the small ones. This is where Firmographic data comes in. Firmographic data is important to B2B industries as demographic data is important to the B2C industry. Firmographic data appends are what make up an ideal customer profile. Imagine selling without knowing to whom you are selling...

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Make Your B2B Prospects Love Your Blogs With Content Marketing strategies

“Content marketing rakes in conversion rates six times higher than other methods” – The Content Marketing Institute There was a time when content marketing strategies were damn simple. As long as you posted content, you were good to go & it never mattered if the content sucked. Coz, no one cared. Your content was working, you were ranking for keywords, and you were doing okay! Blogging was just a part of all this. And time has changed everything. The blogs that used to work ain’t working anymore. If you were lucky, you might have not got hit with algorithmic...

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8 Surprising Habits That Hurt B2B Sales Productivity

The primary aim of any organization in a corporate is to be more productive at a faster pace. But, what many don’t realize is that it’s many of the habits & workflows that actually slow down overall productivity. The same goes for B2B sales productivity. In simple terms, B2B is the interchange of services, products or information between businesses, rather than between businesses & consumers. Thus B2B Sales is about acquiring the needs of businesses, even though the demand for the products or services made by these businesses is likely driven by consumers in their homes. Productivity refers to...

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Evolution of CMOs in planet corporate

Last year Business Insider crowned Marc Pritchard as the most innovative of the CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) of 2017 and hailed him as the torchbearer in the ad industry’s fight to clean up digital advertising. The marketing general of Procter & Gamble made waves at the very beginning of the year when he said that the world’s largest advertiser would cut down on its ad spending and lived up to his word. Under his guidance, P&G’s organic sales rose 2% to $16.1 billion on a unit volume increase of 2%, even though they slashed spending on digital ads by...

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