Author: Kevin Morris

Be on the lookout for these Top SEO trends in 2018

SEO is tough, peeps. There are just few weeks left in 2017. Marketers around the world must be analyzing how effective were their strategies & initiatives till now. Digital marketers should focus to stay on the top of the changing trends in search engine optimization to make sure that the website is going to be seen by targeted customers. Google algorithm itself changes constantly, that too with multiple changes happening within months. Moreover, using outdated techniques will lead to penalties that can drag down listings in the search engine result pages (SERPS) of Google. This is because SEO practices...

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How Technographics are redesigning the way we Prospect

Sales can be described as war in disguise. A salesman might be able to tell a hundred stories & how he survived through bloodbaths to achieve victory, which in sales terms means completing the target.  This is one of the reasons why many concepts of war can be applied to the art of sales, which includes knowing the enemy. Knowing the enemy means winning half the battle which is as same in sales. A salesman’s time is valuable. It shouldn’t be wasted upon the prospects that are never going to buy product/service from him. The marketing gurus of organizations...

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Occupation Email Lists

The Standard Occupational Classification system (SOC) of The U.S Government has classified all occupations based on collected occupational data to codes. Targeting decision makers as per there occupation will ensure success in business but is a trouble for marketers who approaches with the traditional marketing techniques in this new age. Implementing Email campaigns will be more successful for in getting results. With Datacaptive’s Occupation Mailing Lists marketers can streamline their marketing & sales campaigns to a more segmented approach to ensure their campaigns remain successful. Attain our responsive & verified data to reach top decision makers for boosting your...

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Revitalize Your B2B Social Presence with These Easy Tweaks

In the current business world, Social Media platforms are open hunting grounds for marketers. It’s one of the coolest ways available today for brands to connect with their audience & do their promotion. Social Media which were earlier platforms for people to simply connect, post their updates & share photos paved way for companies to enter for upgrading their business, primarily because marketers know that where there are people there is a chance for business. Today more & more companies are embracing the concept of Social Media. The notion that Social Media is only for B2C no longer exists...

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Data Quality And Its Impact on CRM Success

One of the most trending words in the dictionary of a marketer of our generation would be Data. Information has always been valuable in the world of business. Knowing who to contact for a sale, what kind of product will be sold more in a particular area, what is the value that a customer can bring in to business are all important information for merchants from beginning of trade. The quality of data always mattered in terms of Demand Generation then, as it does today. Earlier we have discussed on how high quality data helps in Demand Generation. You...

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