Marketing is an awesome corporate discipline which has been practiced since the dawn of trade for the growth of businesses & eventually in making money. But unlike the marketing professionals who practice the art, healthcare marketing professionals have an awesome opportunity which extends beyond just tactics & strategies. Their efforts in marketing may very well change – or even save – a life which makes their opportunities come with important & profound responsibility.

Like all other industries, Healthcare landscape has focused its shift to focus more on consumers & providers adjusting to how they engage with their target audience to remain relevant & successful. Whether it’s a new & improved treatment, a groundbreaking facility or the expansion of physician specialties, healthcare organizations are continually pursuing the next technological advancement to provide a higher level of care for their patients.

This is what healthcare marketing professionals should keep in their minds as they strive their best in being effective in their profession.

A small backstory on the healthcare marketing sector

While marketing itself is an older profession, healthcare marketing is fairly a new practice. Earlier the whole focus of the healthcare marketing was on street sales to reach out to doctors. The major marketing expenses of corporates who were in the business of selling medical products & services were towards huge sales force hiring, training and deploying them for sales.

It was in 1977 when the American Hospitals Association held its first marketing convention. This was the first registered effort by the healthcare industry association on focusing promoting various aspects of the industry in a collaborative manner. Healthcare marketing has become a big business ever since- from the side of medical institutions who aid patients & from the side of organizations who manufacture medical devices & medicines.

Today, healthcare marketing as an industry has evolved notably especially with the arrival of various online platforms & technology which grabbed the attention of both healthcare marketing professionals & the healthcare industry professionals.

For achieving success in healthcare marketing, professionals should adopt best-in-class methods, tactics & trends to take full advantage of insightful planning & technology for delivering the right marketing message, at the right time, to the specific prospect in need.

It’s common knowledge that every company is different & each faces challenges that are unique to it. The healthcare marketing approach taken & implemented by one may not be practical for another, so the healthcare marketing professionals can approach their challenges with the degree of analysis that’s more suitable to their business for developing customized solutions & result-driven strategies.

Best techniques to boost your healthcare marketing


  • Making use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platforms

An effective sales model is crucial to the success of any organization – either product based or service based. Robust CRM systems supply most important data on current & prospective customers, aiding healthcare marketing professionals to be updated on the emerging trends & empower sales professionals with the relevant information on customer concerns & pain points for developing solutions. In majority cases, these platforms can be easily integrated with sales CRMs for better management of the lead generation process.


  • Integrating mobile access to platforms & applications

The mobile access to the sales & marketing applications & platforms, CRMs & analytics is still a growing concern for healthcare marketing professionals. Having access to these awesome technologies on mobile devices enables your sales executives to enhance the experience of on-site presentations by making use of video for product demos, enabling video conferencing between the healthcare professionals & healthcare marketing professionals, effectively to communicate key data with home office when necessary, etc.

A mobile platform can make all the difference in improving the communication between the healthcare marketing reps & the healthcare professionals.


  • Utilizing analytics & Data Management techniques for informed decisions

Data-driven decision making is the key to success in any kind of marketing today. It’s best to estimate demand, identify the potential markets & deliver appropriate messages with the analytics of sales data than hunting blindly. The best marketers of today know it.

Healthcare marketing professionals should ensure to use Analytics platforms for enhancing marketing and sales strategies & to provide the decision makers of the industry with clear-cut data to improve customer experience & control costs.

Quality marketing contact data is also essential to ensure maximum reach & guaranteed deliverability in delivering the messages to prospects & attaining leads that convert.


Trouble in attaining quality marketing contact data on healthcare professionals?

What should healthcare marketing professionals focus on, personally?

As in any industry, there is no formula for success in healthcare marketing. Each sale requires a long-term commitment towards both the client & product. A successful healthcare product or service sale is one where both clinical and economic information is provided to stakeholders. Healthcare marketing professionals should know how healthcare prospects differentiate their services to their patient & how to craft appropriate dialogues around solid solutions and outcomes that are favorable rather than focusing on slick product features.

Ensure to align your value proposition with target healthcare prospects as it is the best way for grabbing their attention rather than competing against each other by lowering costs. Once your sales executives understand the financial & business impact of value propositions, it’ll be easier to make smart adjustments to your value-selling process. Explain how your medical product/service will economically impact them & solve their internal issues of costly inefficiencies for immediate ROI.

Whether your healthcare prospects are competing with each other in terms of improved access, better care, lower costs, or a combination of all these elements, they need proof that your medical products can deliver the edge which is needed. Analytics is the key to demonstrating value when it comes to delivering proof in such complex systems.

Final words

As major changes are taking place in the field of healthcare marketing in terms of the value selling approach, many organizations are likely to struggle. Organizations who have long competed on price alone or by selling premium, innovative products will be particularly challenged. But having a strong medical sales management process by aligning the techniques & tips can support for meeting the challenges of today’s market & growing your bottom line.