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Do you want to showcase your writing skills to the world?

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DataCaptive is accepting guest posts from all the talented writers out there.

In business for more than a decade, DataCaptive has made its mark in the marketing world not only with its fantastic services but also the diligence with which it meets the customer expectation.

Our platform has attracted a mammoth following that includes readers from all around the globe. The exposure is massive and success in the blogging arena is a guarantee with DataCaptive.

We have laid down a list of guidelines that need to be followed when writing for us.

Types of Content We Accept

Follow the Above Links for Reference

We Accept the Following Topics


Topics That We Do Not Accept

  1. Anything political and controversial
  2. Anything that the above-mentioned topics don’t include
  3. Anything irrelevant to our services

Keep In Mind When Writing For Us

  1. You must include up to two external links of high authority from relevant sources
  2. We accept one Do-follow and one No-follow links for your respective website
  3. You must also include at least two links from DataCaptive
  4. We are not too rigid with the word count, however, all posts should be a minimum of 1500 words
  5. The post must be very well-researched and well-constructed
  6. Posts that don’t earn much engagement from the readers will be removed from the site within 30 days
  7. You should share your posts on various social media channels to boost customer engagement
  8. We reserve the right to edit all content submitted to us
  9. Promotional contents will not be accepted
  10. Any images you use must be licensed or should be available on a public domain
  11. Image Resolution: 750*400  and of High Quality
  12. You should check your work for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes
  13. No duplicate content will be accepted. All content must be unique and should have passed Copyscape
  14. Use a tone that works well with the business audience– neither too formal nor too casual
  15. Use a first-person narrative like ‘I’ and ‘you’ for better customer engagement
  16. All posts should be written in American English
  17. Provide your author’s bio with 60-70 words including a link to any one of your social media channel.
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