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15 Must-Have B2B Marketing Tools

b2b marketing tools

You must look at some of the important B2B marketing tools that are available for your use today. Such programs are often designed to help you with managing your marketing works whether it entails your main website, your email campaigns, or even your social media outreach.


Everything you utilize when working on your B2B marketing efforts must be checked accordingly. Managing those B2B marketing plans will be easy to handle when you use the right programs for the task at hand. These include valuable programs that will help you get the most out of the work you want to handle.


The first tool to see is, a program that offers an outstanding layout where you can automate your social media functions. This works by sharing information on the specific posts or additions you want to add to your site. You can use this to display to someone what you are trying to illustrate at a given time.

2. Wista

Wistia works as an analytics program for videos on your site. You can use this to analyze how well your videos are being viewed and what people are getting out of them.

3. Docurated

Docurated works with a full content organization system that lists information on all your content at a given time. This tool lists out information on how well your content is organized and displayed while making your most popular bits of content more visible to people who want to view your site.

4. Paradot

Pardot is great to use if you have a Salesforce page. With Pardot, you can run an analytics review of your database and then create mass actions with tags that list information on what is in space.

5. Unbounce

Unbounce works as a tool that helps you to produce quality landing pages. This lets you produce a page that is easy for someone to read and analyze. The design especially does well with creating dynamic pages that are attractive and can help you to collect email addresses.

6. Xinx

Add quality email signatures to your marketing messages with Xink. The program lets you create detailed signatures that display images that illustrate things about what your clients might be interested in.

7. Google analytics

Google Analytics is another popular program that gives you information on everything relating to your website. It helps you to see how many people are visiting your site, how people are finding you, and where those people are going to while looking around on your site to determine the key places in your website that need attention.

8. Mailchimp

The automation features of Mailchimp help you to organize your email marketing efforts. You can work with many templates and layouts on your site to establish a fine look for whatever you want to highlight on your page.

9. Hootsuite

Hootsuite concentrates on the keywords that you wish to use on your social media sites. The program helps you to organize your posts for social media sites based on those keywords while also helping you to schedule when those posts will go live. The program includes an analytics tool that gives you ideas on how well the marketing work you are putting in is organized.

10. Screenflow

Are you looking to produce screencasts where you have live meetings relating to your business or demonstrations of your product? Screenflow gives you more control over how your screencasts are organized. By using Screenflow, your users will quickly download or share your recordings with ease without having to export them into many formats. You can edit your screencasts so they can look perfect as you put them up online too.

11. Infogram

It is often easy for people to see information on your site by looking at quality graphics and images. Infogram gives you help with your work by letting you produce attractive charts, infographics, and other points of value. You can also track how people view and interact with any charts or other displays you wish to highlight on your site.

12. Canva

Designing a graphic interface for your site can be a challenge. Canva is a vital B2b marketing program that lets you quickly design a site with a fine banner or another layout. You can use one of many templates offered by Canva to help you get the most out of your work.

13. Workcast

Workcast focuses on live events. This uses a smart interface that helps you to plan out how a live video event is set up and generates a proper display that will invite people onto your site to see what you are offering. The organization featured here gives you more control over how well your content is laid out.

14. Marketo

The final tool to find is Marketo, an automation program designed with enterprise needs in mind. With Marketo, you can promote your work easily with a smart eCommerce platform that is laid out with various carefully featured vital points you would want to use. The design of Marketo helps you to get online and link all your eCommerce programs together.

A final word

Each of these B2B marketing programs should help you with getting more out of your plans for making yourself known. Each program is organized well with all the features you need to keep a campaign running right and efficiently.


The diverse array of functions that each comes with will help to your advantage as well. Try any of these B2B programs for yourself and you will notice a great difference in how well your marketing efforts can work.

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