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Amberlynn Adam

Blogger, Content Developer & Editor. Amberlynn is a Content Marketing Professional and is an integral part of DataCaptive since its inception.....

Guide to B2B Data Purchase
What are some Types of marketing automation campaign?
Julie Williams

Julie writes to motivate, inform, and educate people. Her major interests are marketing, artificial intelligence, and related areas....

Generate Leads From Social Media
Ecommerce Sales Funnel Strategy
Noel Parker

Noel Parker is a content writer and blog freak, who is one of the passionate content writers in DataCaptive. He is interested in working and experimenting....

Connect with fortune 500 diversity managers
Understanding the C-Suite Job Title
Miranda Smith

Being in love with writing all her life, Miranda Smith started working as a content writer in 2014. Since her association with DataCaptive....

Top b2b sales strategy examples
Top Email Marketing Practices to improve sales
Kevin Morris

Blogger & Content Writer. Kevin Morris is a man of his thoughts. His interests mainly reside in digital marketing, data analysis, and related areas....

Multi-channel marketing strategy - A concise guide
Critical sales challenges to overcome in 2021
Shelly Andrews

Shelly Andrews is a content writer, she is associated with DataCaptive to deliver blogs on business and Data management Solutions.....

Importance of Data Protection Laws
Reach Your targeted audience using technographic targeting.
Michelle Rowley

Michelle Rowley is a content writer by profession and writing has been her passion since her childhood. Spreading kind gestures is something she deeply...

Brand Building Strategy
B2B contact database

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