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B2B Email Data Purchase Guide – 10 Point Guide for Beginners

Guide to B2B Data Purchase

Did you know that the key aspect of a successful email campaign is having high-quality B2B data? It needs to be signal-based and purchase intent.


Is there a shortcut to getting data that increases your conversions? Most experts will answer with a big ‘NO’. Building an email list that suits your campaign objectives and products is not a shortcut. But is it possible to have someone else do it?


Absolutely! By buying B2B data for marketing campaigns, you can save a ton of effort and resources in building a list in-house. It also enables you to get to the promotions and sales stage faster.


Most of you must have heard that buying B2B email data can potentially hurt your business and brand it as non-credible. This is not valid! There are always pros and cons to making a decision in B2B marketing, and we at DataCaptive are here to bust myths and help you in the B2B email database buying process.


We take the role of providing you with a B2B email data purchase guide that will help you understand why buying B2B email data can be useful and resourceful if done right.


Please read through our B2B email data buyer’s guide infographic, which has the potential to equip you to purchase a list smartly and strategically for your business.

How to purchase b2b email data?

Why Should You Buy B2B Contacts?

The world is in a rush and competition is rising for similar products. By purchasing an email list, you can effortlessly source new prospects. Choose the right vendor, such as DataCaptive, and source rich and detailed data without draining your resources.

Common Mistakes Noticed While Buying Data

Common mistakes noticed while buying b2b contacts
Not researching vendors
Not researching vendors
Lack of verification and feedback
Lack of verification and feedback research of chosen vendor.
Blindly purchasing an email list.

Blindly purchasing an email list without a B2B email data purchase guide.

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
Not having an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) in hand.
Lack of research
Lack of research on acquired prospects before cold email.

Step-by-Step Guide to Buying a B2B Email List

Identify your Target Audience

Knowing whom to target is the key to having a successful marketing campaign. It is essential to define your target audience for your solutions and products.


If your goals and objectives are well defined, with your ideal customer in mind, you can be sure to get an email list that perfectly aligns with your campaign.

identify target audience
Picking a reputable data provider company

Revive your Marketing by Picking a Reputable Company

Always choose a database provider who provides you with free samples. You can always test the quality with a sample. Research the vendor chosen by feedback, reviews, websites, customer service quality, and more.


Always ask if the vendors ‘sell the kind of data you require.’ When you find a company’s website transparent and easy to contact for queries like DataCaptive’s website, you know you have landed the right vendor.

Data Quality Matters – Get a Sample

Our B2B email data purchase guide dictates acquiring a sample as essential as checking for a reputable database provider.


Any reputable database provider would offer you a free sample to test for quality standards. If the quality of the sample falls below 90%, let them go. Pick someone among the 95% higher club to purchase your email lists.


Identify if the sample holds important data attributes such as full names, email addresses, company names, firmographics, technographics, and more.

data quality
human verified contacts

Human-Verified Data, Always!

An accurate guide to buying a B2B email list is to always purchase an email list that is human-verified. DataCaptive subjects its data to a 7-tier human and AI verification process to ensure authenticity, accuracy, and credibility.

A good data vendor understands the best balance between human and AI verification.

Compliance Check is a Must

You are branded as non-credible when you send emails or contact a prospect who hasn’t opted in for marketing communications. Always choose a vendor and an email list that complies with international data policies such as CAN-SPAM, CCPA, GDPR, HIPPA, and more to steer clear of legalities.


Additionally, the contacts must be 100% opt-in and updated regularly. By choosing a reputable database provider like us, you can ensure that your business makes a risk-free investment in contacts that can be contacted in real time.

data compliance

Prices Must Be According to Your Budget

There are database vendors who can price their B2B email list from pennies per contact to dollars per contact. Choose the one that matches your budget for the campaign.


Our B2B email data purchase guide mentions to remember to never choose the provider that quotes the least or the most. Choose a database provider who reasonably quotes the price for your lists. With DataCaptive, you can be assured of high-quality contacts at budget-friendly prices.

Delivery of your List

How you receive your list and in which format is important as you will be working with automation tools during marketing.


If your file is not compatible with your tools, it will create a hiccup in your efforts. Always check for .xls and .csv formats. They are user-friendly and compatible with most CRMs.

delivery process of b2b list
customer support

Customer Support – Absent or Present?

The level of customer service received during your investigation and queries is important as they will be your helping hand for segmentation and customization or issues with your email list.


Responsive customer support like DataCaptive’s is ideal for buying a contact list. Ensure that the database provider you choose aptly responds to your concerns.

B2B Email Data Purchase Guide Focus? Segmentation and Customization

It is time to avoid database vendors who have a ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ approach. No two businesses are the same. You deserve a B2B email list that caters to your requirements and helps you personalize your message.


With a provider like DataCaptive and a guide to buying a B2B email list, you can get 10+ segmentations and 40+ customizable data attributes. If that doesn’t mean meeting your requirements, we are not sure who can fulfill them!

segmentation and customization
perpetual ownership of contacts

Perpetual Ownership of Contacts – Really?

Yes! Once you purchase an email list, you own it. If a provider requires a renewal fee for the same, let go! As a customer who purchases a list with their requirements in mind, you must have perpetual ownership of the contacts.

Wrapping Up Your B2B Email Data Purchase Guide

News flash! You cannot double the results by multiplying emails and cold calls using contacts. Getting clean, verified, and compliant B2B marketing data is important to reach and gain results. If we as marketers make B2B data buying decisions with careful consideration and not merely transactional, there is a space where acquiring B2B email data is safe, authentic, accurate, and credible.


Building a list from scratch can be backbreaking. Refer to our B2B email data purchase guide and choose to acquire a list. Choose DataCaptive to take up the resource-intensive task, and you get to focus on the campaign’s star–prospect attracting and conversion. Reach the right prospects at the right time by choosing the right database vendor for the right email lists! Check out our guide to buying a B2B email list and get started today!


A website that provides a free sample, 95% accurate data, and 100% opt-in contacts is an excellent website to purchase a B2B email list for your business. One such reputable database provider is DataCaptive. With us, you can acquire contacts that matter to your business and target them precisely for conversion.
The cost of a B2B email database varies on many factors included in building it. Some factors include industry, location, number of contacts, customizations, segmentations, and more. For more information, please contact our Support or visit our Pricing Page.

Our B2B email data purchase guide mentions that the best way to leverage a B2B email database is by defining your marketing and business goals. Your goals can be achieved via mail marketing campaigns, market research, lead generation, customer relationship management, etc.

Our experts and B2B email data purchase guide recommend updating your B2B email data list every three months as data decays fast. Our services, such as data appending and verification, can assist you in this process.

Certain factors to be considered when purchasing B2B email data are identifying your needs, data providers, a sample to test, data policy regulations, and more.

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