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Guest Blog Guidelines

We have prepared this document to help you understand our content standards and terms of the agreement, should we publish your content piece.

Independent Entity

You are an independent entity and are not contractually or otherwise attached to any company, organization, or agent. All content that you submit to us will not be entitled to any compensation or financial benefits unless agreed upon otherwise. Once you submit your content pieces, you grant DataCaptive the license to publish and distribute your articles through any medium.

Original Content

DataCaptive only publishes original and unique content created in tune with our requirements. You may refer to other articles already published on our blog while creating your content piece but may NOT copy or repurpose the same content for our website.


When submitting the content, you must agree that it is original and hasn’t been published previously. Additionally, you should also agree that the content is free from any misleading or inaccurate content.


DataCaptive reserves the right to reject any content if it does not match the content standards.


You also agree that the content provided is free for us to use and promote on our various social media channels.

No Self-Promotion

The content that you provide must add value to our readers. Do not self-promote your products or services unless it is necessary. You can provide only two reference links in your content.

Word Count

We expect all content to have actionable data, dependable insights, and visuals included. The content should have a minimum of 1500 words but should not exceed 2500 words.


Links to your website will be included in the author’s bio.


Once the article is published, we will provide a do-follow link in the author’s bio of the content. The author’s bio needs to be provided by the contributor upon acceptance of the content.

Let's Stick To The Give & Take Policy

Once your article is published, you must share the article’s link on your personal blog & social media accounts. The link to the write-up must also be endorsed by the brands that find mention in the article.

What We Accept

  • Lead Generation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Technology
  • Customer Retention
  • Big Data
  • Content Marketing
  • Branding
  • Sales

What We Don't Accept

  • Topics irrelevant to our product/service
  • Posts that are misleading or factually incorrect
  • Posts that have political or controversial viewpoints.

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