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Guest Blog Guidelines

We have prepared this document to help you understand our content standards and terms of the agreement, should we publish your content piece.

Article Guidelines

DataCaptive publishes long-form content with relevant insights and actionable data on various topics, including lead generation, digital marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, branding, technology, and content marketing.


Your content should provide tips or strategies on how to execute successful digital marketing campaigns, lead generation endeavors, third-party tools, emerging marketing trends, and much more. The content that you provide should be ironclad and should meet our customers’ expectations.


Ensure that your content has proper readability and continuity and doesn’t have too much data and statistics. All solutions provided should be at no cost to the low-cost pool as most of our clients are small and medium businesses.


You need to have first-hand experience of utilizing the tactics, tools, and strategies mentioned in your content.

Article Pitch Process

The content requirements at DataCaptive reflect the changes in the marketplace and the preferences of our readers. You need to submit the complete article only after we review the content outline and approve the same.


Our editors will review your outline and if accepted, will be published on our blog.


To submit a guest post pitch, send us an email to [email protected] with the following details

  • Title of your content
  • An outline of the content within 100 words
  • Tactics, tools, and strategies that you plan to use in the content piece


Due to the high volume of guest blogs received daily, we will respond to your email pitch within 3-4 business days.

Article Writing Style

Our audience values content with strategic inputs and data to back up the claims. The inclusion of examples, tactics, and tools will help your content sit well with our audience.


When using examples, include tactics and how those brought about a significant change in their respective businesses.


Please refrain from starting your company as an example for it reduces the quality of the content.

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