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How To Choose A Topnotch Healthcare Database Provider?

Best online healthcare database providers

A healthcare email list is a comprehensive database of healthcare professionals, C-level executives of hospitals, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and more.

benefits of buying a healthcare database

Benefits of buying a healthcare database

Instant contacts

Instant contacts for speedy delivery

Connect with leads

Connect with leads who are willing to buy from you

Wide pool of clients

A wide pool of customers to choose from

Better use of marketing resources

Better use of marketing resources

Better sales leading to business growth

Generate sales leads to grow your business

Rule new market

Expand into a new market

Based on the MailerLite survey report, healthcare emails’ average open rate is 21.59%, with a 3.31% click-through rate. It is one of the highest-performing strategies.

When must you buy a healthcare email list?

Promote a newly launched product

Promote a newly launched product or service

Prospect leads from a market

Prospect leads from a new market

Target a niche audience group

Target a niche audience group

Connect with your ideal target

Connect with your ideal target audience, irrespective of boundaries

Reduce spam and increase CTR

Reduce spam and increase CTR of the email campaigns

target personalized emails

Target high-value leads with personalized emails

Stand as an industry expert

Stand as an industry expert by sharing relevant insights.

Check out how to make email marketing powerful in the healthcare industry.
make email marketing powerful in healthcare industry

Email marketing is like knocking on the doors of people who didn’t ask you to drop by. It’s tricky. So, what are the things to check before buying an email list

Tricky email marketing

Here’s a fact about healthcare marketing that might interest you

The 4 main ethical issues in healthcare marketing are

HIPAA compliance

Local medical board restrictions

Misleading information

Speaking against other doctors or medicine field

Components in a healthcare email list

Healthcare Specialists

01. Healthcare Specialists

Physicians, Doctors, Nurses, Surgeons etc.

Decision-Making Personalities

02. Decision-making personalities

Procurement Officers, CMO, Board members, CTO, CEO etc.

Medical Institutions

03. Medical Institutions

Hospitals, Clinics, Rehabilitation centers, Trauma centers, old age homes, etc.

Tips to find the best online healthcare email list providers

Build your ICP icon

Build your ICP

Before you embark on your email marketing campaign, build your ideal customer profiles based on the audience you want to communicate with. This will help set the tone of content that you're about to produce.

Research the email list providers

Research the email list providers

Nowadays there are many healthcare database providers to choose from. It's important to find the one that offers the most accurate and up-to-date lists so you can be sure you're getting what you paid for.

Guarantee policies

Guarantee policies of the provider

Emails lists with guarantees like clean lists, segmented data, open rates, and full metric reports must be looked out for.

Accuracy and authenticity

Accuracy and authenticity

It is important to buy a list that is high in integrity and up to date to avoid spam. To ensure cleanliness, check how these lists were compiled. Check for opt-in lists.

Lookout for other services

Lookout for other services

Take a look at the different services the provider offers to ensure they cover all of your needs. This way you can buy one healthcare list and use it together with other promotions without having to install separate plug-ins.

Pricing, return and replacement policies

Pricing, return & replacement policies

It’s important to take stock of your budget while looking for an email list and shortlist the services that are available in that budget. While some healthcare database providers have a subscription policy, some others quote the price based on the quantity.

Support from the list provider

Support from the list provider

There are plenty of healthcare marketing companies that deliver quality email lists, but in order to deliver a successful campaign that boosts your sales, you must find a company that provides a greater level of support, both pre and post-sale.

Segmented database provider

Segmented database

The provider should also offer a segmented and targeted list based on factors such as physician specialty, geographic location, practice type, license state, other demographics, and more.

Features in healthcare email lists

Segments icon

1. Segmented

The healthcare data must be segmented into job title, practice type, license state, medical affiliation, etc.

Customizable icon

2. Customizable

Ensure that the healthcare database can be customized depending on the brands’ needs and requirements.

verified icon

3. Verified and validated

Data must be verified and validated periodically to guarantee the best results.

GDPR icon

4. Global data policy-compliant

Data must comply with international data laws like the GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and ANTI CAN-SPAM.

In conclusion

Email marketing in the healthcare industry is here to stay. A brand cannot function without growing and validating emails as an integral part of its marketing strategy. If you are looking to ace your marketing strategy but do not know where to start, we are here for you.

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