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Email Marketing In The Healthcare Industry – How To Make It Powerful?

Email marketing in the healthcare industry

Email is most marketers’ favorite strategy in almost every industry. Email marketing is still highly relevant and practical, especially in the B2B sector. However, being one of the most heavily regulated industries, many healthcare marketers believe that email marketing is becoming obsolete.


Only 74 percent of emails by healthcare companies remain unopened, which might lead you to assume that email marketing is a gone game for the 21st century. But that’s not true. If you don’t see success with your email marketing, this read will be beneficial for you.

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Why isn’t your email marketing strategy working?

In the healthcare industry, email marketing comes with its unique challenges. However, marketers must understand that email marketing campaigns do not fail because there is too much competition. They fail because marketers do not plan and execute it in a robust manner. Some of the reasons why your email marketing strategy might not be working-

• Your content is product-focused and not customer-focused


Your mails could be ignored if you constantly talk about your product/service without understanding or analyzing the reader’s requirement. Or worse, if it’s moved to the spam folder! In the healthcare sector, it is vital to segment your audience and identify ideal targets. Conversions are much easier when you have built your Ideal Customer Profile.

Here is everything you need to know about building an ICP. You can also download a free template to create your Ideal Customer Profile.

• You are not segmenting your audience

Sending an email without building a target audience is like feeding food to someone who is just asking for water! If you do not segment your audience, you won’t be able to formulate customer-centric content, which will lead to either a disinterested reader or a reduced click rate with an increased spam count.

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• Your emails aren’t mobile-friendly

85% of users use smartphones to access emails. So, if you are not sending mobile-friendly emails, you are losing the interest of your audience and increasing the chances of spamming.

Important things to consider in email marketing

How can you build a successful email marketing strategy?

Before we go ahead and discuss how to build emails that are well designed, here is a fact that might interest you.

"According to Mailchimp, unique clicks amongst mobile users for responsive email campaigns rose from 2.7% to 3.1% in 2019."
(Source: Impact of mobile use on email engagement – learning resources)

Not long ago, we discussed in detail the best marketing strategies for medical equipment. It displayed how healthcare and other related sectors plan successful strategies to increase their click and engagement rates. Before we begin, please note that your email is a guest in your readers’ inbox. Hence, as a marketer, you must act to please them. Let’s start.

You can generate 3X the number of leads using a successful healthcare content marketing strategy. It costs 62% less as well. (Source Demand Metric) Read more inbound sales and marketing-related blogs.

1. Build your list

A segmented email marketing strategy channelizes your data in the best way possible so as to get desired results. Before sending out the emails, you must build your list even before writing the copy, planning the design, or design strategy. By making a list, we mean that you choose the people you will send the list to, and here’s how you can do it-


  • Segment your audience based on demographics like job roles and specialty.
  • You can also classify your list based on geographic location or industry firmographics like SIC codes, NAICS codes, industry sector, specification, annual growth, and many more.
  • You can also segment the list based on your goals. Something like – Do you want to retain the reader or send him your newsletter?
Here’s a data-driven guide to successful email marketing in 2021
data-driven email marketing

2. Plan your strategy

Incorporating email as a marketing strategy. You must know what types of emails to send to whom. Build a proper plan that addresses the sales funnel stages, right from awareness to purchase, to get the maximum response.

Sales funnel

3. Adhere to email laws and regulations

Before you start sending emails to your target audience, ensure that your emails follow all the local rules and regulations, including CAN-SPAM and GDPR. Also, ensure that that the contacts that you have listed in your database must have opted in. Opt-in contacts are the ones who have willingly chosen to share their details with third parties for sales and marketing purposes.

4. Provide content that is interesting, informative, and interactive

If you search for ways to make your email marketing campaign successful, you will find that almost everyone insists on writing appealing copies. However, the question is, how to decide what appeals to the reader? Writing great copies is fine, but ensure that it provides information to the readers. When emails are customer-centric, it automatically increases the value of your brand and builds a mutually beneficial relationship. Some great ways to make emails informative and exciting are-


  • Providing video content
  • Replying to feedback/query/review
  • CTAs to social media handles
  • Trending content
  • Survey forms of questionnaires

We carry out an elaborate opt-in process using Artificial and human intelligence

5. Write newsletters

Email newsletters are a great way to stay in the thoughts of your audience. Hence, it is essential to send them newsletters periodically (Try to send at least once a month, or once a week if you can) The topic of the newsletters can be-


  • Product/service update information
  • New launch
  • Seminar/webinar information
  • New collaborations
  • Change in policies


The best newsletter is the one that isn’t too long and does a great job of mixing messaging and updates. As a marketer, you must respect the time of your audience and directly get to the point. Use your newsletter to build a relationship with the reader/customer rather than pitch them the product/service.

6. Use automation

Automation tools are a boon for marketers who are handling too many subscribers at the same time. These tools streamline your campaign by automatically sending out the emails that you schedule in advance.


Benefits of using email automation-


  • Maintains consistency
  • Prevents the occurrence of any ‘blank phase’
  • It helps build a relationship with your audience

Benefits you can witness by following these strategies

Email marketing is a fast, flexible, and cost-effective way of reaching new customers and retaining existing customers. It encourages you to create targeted and personalized messages. The most evident benefits that you can witness using intelligent email marketing strategies are-


  • Improving leads and sales
  • Better communication with your audience
  • Generating organic traffic to your website
  • Prospecting the right people at the right time
  • Reach a global audience
  • Improve the quality of your product/service
  • Convert an already engaged audience
  • Reduce the cost of marketing

What could you do to make this work?

Healthcare marketers are facing a tremendous shift in the market with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, email marketing is still beating the drum with full force. Healthcare organizations must adopt innovative email marketing tactics to remain competitive.


Our healthcare email database assists marketers, salespeople, manufacturers, distributors, event organizers, and others associated with the healthcare industry. By leveraging our AI, manual-verified, customized, and opt-in B2B healthcare contacts, you can ace your email marketing game. Let us know if this helped you. Drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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