“Generate revenue by whatever way possible.” Numerous times this statement has been hurled towards sales and marketing experts. But this idea of adopting “whatever way” might not always lead to the necessary outcome you are expecting. Think of an office. Employee A is under tremendous pressure to meet his target. He is trying to contact prospective clients for selling his company’s products using the cold email marketing method. Employee A starts feeling frustrated about not getting a proper response. Now Employee B is also seeking the cold emailing method and is equitably achieving his targets. How do you wonder? Well, the client list in front of him is segmented based on contact and company information. Just a simple fix in the way the B2B email list is dealt with made work more accessible. The primary point here is that employee B is not hunting in the dark. He knows exactly whom to contact, in which sector and how to proceed about the same. B2B Email list segmentation has allowed him to get real-time results.

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This is just an example of how a segmented B2B email list can help marketers do their jobs efficiently. But before we plunge into a detailed discussion of how B2B email list segmentation can boost your business, let us first understand how email marketing has changed the marketing landscape completely.

E-mail Marketing: A Game Changing Element

Marketing, over the last few years, has become one of the critical segments of businesses. Different marketing methods have existed for a long period. With the advancement of time, the marketing methods changed significantly. This is where email marketing came into being. Email marketing has been around ever since it was introduced as an excellent medium to connect with the customers. It stands out to be one of the most effective marketing methods due to its numerous benefits, like targeting the right audience and sending personalized messages to prospects. You can build targeted email list to make the maximum use of the marketing medium. According to Justin Rondeau, email marketing has become the “lifeblood of any business.” He quotes that without a solid email marketing strategy in place, losing both customers and money is highly probable. Rondeau further added that “email isn’t going anywhere” and “is still one of the best ways to move a lead to a prospect, a prospect to a buyer and a buyer to a consistent customer.” Email marketing is not just about sending emails to your potential audience. There is much more to email marketing. It is about providing the audiences with what they want. The popularity of email marketing can be attributed to the fact that it is easy, quick, inexpensive and yields tremendous results. It’s also one of the best methods to increase brand recognition, expand your network, attract new opportunities and help you reach to a broader audience. Emails that deliver value get read, saved, shared & clicked by the audience, and it’s a great way to reach out to new clients & stay in touch with the existing audience. In fact, according to The Radicati Group, the number of users of emails worldwide is going to reach 3 billion by 2020. In short, email marketing is the future of marketing and marketers should use it wisely.

Segmented Email Marketing Strategy: What and Why

Email marketing, like all other marketing elements, needs a strategy. Without one, it is doomed to fail like all others as well. Proper planning is necessary before using any method for getting the best result for any job, and email marketing is no different. Without an accurate approach to email marketing, the marketers will end up like employee A, without any results.

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Hence, the case of segmentation. Deemed as one of the best strategies for getting results in email marketing is segmentation. Corporates from around the world are applying this technique of segmentation to their campaigns. So what is B2B email list segmentation? Marketing professionals know that every data and persona encountered when collecting information is different. Be it gender, geography, age group, the company they work for or their job role; each information is unique. After the collection of this relevant data, it can be used to segregate customers into different groups or sets, which are also known as segments. After the initial segmentation of groups, it is easier for marketers to curate content & data that will appeal more to the targeted group. You need to understand that not all buyers are the same. Different people can perceive the same product/service differently, based on the primary group they belong to. For instance, a company that offers medical services like forging instruments will not just target the doctors but also other businesses dealing with it. For this particular segmentation to work, you need first to identify who your target audience is. This will render your B2B email list segmentation more accessible. Other than all these, B2B email list segmentation helps in providing individual experiences to the customers. As emails are sent to a targeted group, the content can be edited and customized to suit the preference of the receivers. You can decide on what kind of relevant content goes into each email, which will appeal to the readers. This increases the chances of customers opening the emails and reading them rather than ignoring them altogether.


Email marketing segmentation gives maximum ROI and can help attain maximum results with your campaigns. It is a technique that has helped establish businesses to their potential targets. Segmentation has become a must for email marketing strategies. Marketers who are taking advantage of it are destined to do well and reap the benefits. Higher click-through rates, better deliverability & generating extra revenue are some of the apparent benefits of segmentation. So, don’t fall into the trap of non-segmenting equivalents. Opt for DataCaptive services and get updated, segmented and opt-in email lists, ranging across many industries. You can also become an expert in email marketing with this amazing ebook. Download Targeted Data Now.