How to Get a Database of Every Trucking Company?

how to get database of every trucking company
The trucking industry is vital to keeping our economy moving. Trucks transport raw materials, parts, and finished products across the country. Having a database of trucking companies can be very useful for several reasons. Here is a guide on how to get a database of every trucking company in the United States.

Why You Need a Trucking Company Database

Here are some of the key reasons why you may want to have a comprehensive database of trucking companies:

Market Research

A trucking company database helps you conduct market research on your competitors or potential partners/clients. You can analyze company sizes, service areas, specialties, etc. to understand industry trends and opportunities.

Sales Prospecting

You can use a trucking email database to find new sales leads by location, company size, services offered, and other criteria. It provides a managed list of contacts to reach out to for business development.

Supply Chain Management

For shippers and manufacturers, having a trucking company database helps identify carriers to move your freight based on lanes, capacity, equipment type, and other requirements.

Networking and Recruiting

A trucking database lets you find potential partners for partnerships and joint ventures. It also helps with recruiting drivers, operators, and other staff.

Complying with Regulations

Regulators may require submitting information about carriers you work with. A comprehensive trucking company database makes it easier to stay compliant.

Top 5 Sources for Compiling a Trucking Company Database

Building a nationwide database of trucking companies requires aggregating data from multiple sources. Here are some of the best sources:

State Registration Databases

Every state has a department of transportation that registers trucking companies based in that state. For example, the California Motor Carrier Permit Registry provides data on trucking companies in CA. Compile databases from each state to build a national list.

DataCaptive Trucking Company Database

One of the easiest ways to get a complete trucking company database is to license one from a specialty data compiler like DataCaptive. They provide a database of over 550,000 active US trucking companies. You can license the database for a one-time fee to use for marketing or analytical purposes.

Industry Associations

Organizations like the American Trucking Association and state trucking associations have membership directories you may be able to access or purchase. These provide detailed data on thousands of member trucking companies.

Trade Shows and Conferences

Attending major trucking trade shows like the Expedite Expo allows you to collect data on hundreds of trucking companies in one place. Follow up after the show for any missing details.

Web Search & Business Directories

Search engines, Yellow Pages, and online business directories can help uncover trucking company websites and basic contact information. But this manual search will only cover a small fraction of the industry.

Important Data Fields to Include

To maximize the value of your trucking company database, ensure you collect key data fields, including:
  • Full Name of Decision Maker
  • Email Addresses of Decision Maker
  • Phone Number
  • Company Name
  • Website URL
  • Revenue Size
  • Employee Size
  • Industry Sector
  • Fax Number
  • Social Media Handles
  • Location
  • SIC & NAICS Code

Maintaining and Updating the Database

Once you’ve compiled a thorough trucking company database, you need to keep it current. Here are some tips:
  • Set a reminder to download the latest FMCSA registry annually
  • Sign up for email alerts from state DOTs on new registrants
  • Subscribe to industry news sources to learn about mergers, closures, and new launches
  • Monitor company websites and social media for updates
  • Purchase third-party data append services to fill in missing contacts
  • Contact few of the companies on your database once a year to confirm their information
  • Remove companies that have ceased operations
With a comprehensive database that is regularly updated, you will always have an accurate picture of the trucking industry at your fingertips for any planning or analysis purposes.

Key Takeaways on Building a Trucking Company Database

  • A trucking company database is valuable for market research, sales, sourcing carriers, and other use cases.
  • Compile data from the FMCSA, state DOTs, associations, events, directories, and B2B data providers like DataCaptive.
  • Ensure you collect important details like contacts, services, fleet size, territories, and equipment.
  • Set reminders to download updated FMCSA data annually.
  • Verify and update company data regularly to keep the database current.
Using these tips, you can develop your own extensive database of trucking companies operating nationwide. With the comprehensive data, you will gain market insights and have a potent sales and marketing tool.

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