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How to Get Real Estate Agents’ Email Addresses?

how to find real estate agents email addresses

Real estate is a competitive industry, and closing deals require sales reps to make the right connections. Whether your company promotes its latest service or product or wants to keep in touch with realtors, it is vital to have a list of verified and accurate email addresses. The real estate industry serves many small and resourceful businesses such as banks, insurance companies, cleaning services, and homeowners for personal or business purposes.

Real estate agencies need a vast array of products and services to do their jobs effectively. These services include management software, loan management help, and printing services. Reaching out to realtors can also help you stand out from the competition and lead to your most profitable year. Suppose you are a professional looking to explore newer opportunities in the real estate space and boost your revenue or connect with real estate agents, brokers, and realtors.

In that case, launching an email marketing campaign is a great way to grow your network and stay on top of the minds of potential leads. Finding accurate real estate agents’ email addresses can boost your open rates and response rates and improves brand recognition to a certain degree. It can also aid your sales team in nurturing your client base so that they come back to you for their next purchase. This way, your team can quickly grow its network of potential clients and referrals.

Let’s explore practical tactics to collect real estate agents’ email addresses. We will also share some successful tips and strategies to convert qualified leads, establish long-lasting relationships with them, and close deals.

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Why Is Email the Best Medium for Reaching Real Estate Addresses?

importance of email for reaching real estate agents email address

One form of digital marketing that can outperform others is email marketing. Email is one of the most powerful, cost-effective, and pervasive marketing tools available to real estate agents. It also makes marketing your products and services easier with e-newsletters and automated email campaigns. Not only do emails deliver a $42 return on investment (ROI) for every $1 spent, but they are also the most efficient way to foster stronger relationships with each one of your subscribers.

Email marketing scores higher conversion rates than social media platforms. An automated email marketing campaign can deliver the right message to the right prospect, allowing a sales rep to devote their time and energy to working on essential tasks. This medium is designed to aid companies in staying in touch with their existing clients, connecting with potential leads, driving sales, and improving customer loyalty. Most real estate agents use email to reach out to their target audience and to convert their qualified leads.

As per realtor marketing statistics published by Benchmark, over 63% of real estate businesses are involved in email, while more than 22% are planning to do so soon. Therefore, using email to connect with real estate professionals is the best way. Furthermore, finding real estate agent data can increase credibility, decrease unsubscribes, and easily pass through spam filters.

Tactics to Find Real Estate Agents' Email Addresses

how to find real estate agents email addresses?
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Join a Real Estate Referral Network

Real estate is all about building relationships and being well-connected with others in the industry. Once you contact one real estate agent, try to earn their trust so they can also refer their network to you. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 68% of people who used a real estate agent found that agent through their family or friends. This means that your existing customers can also play a vital role in helping them acquire customers.

As long as your team provides excellent services or products of good quality, there is always a high chance of getting referrals. These tactics are very effective if you want to quickly collect real estate agents’ addresses. All you have to do is start a referral program where your company offers them a small financial incentive, such as a $30 gift card for successful referrals.
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Choose an Excellent Real Estate Database

The simplest way to get the realtors’ email addresses is to buy them from a database provider. These platforms provide marketers with qualitative realtor email lists for launching personalized marketing campaigns. A verified and accurate contact database will save you from creating your email list from scratch and allow your company to explore newer opportunities in real estate.

These databases are usually ready for purchase, download, and integration and come with contact information such as direct emails, phone numbers, zip codes, names, titles, company details, and more. If you wish to boost your revenue and ROI in a short time significantly, then a contact database is the right solution to all your pain points. With the DataCaptive real estate contact database, one can procure valuable insights about one’s niche market audience and understand their preferences. Investing in a database is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to power up your multi-level marketing campaigns at their preferred channels.

Connect with real estate agents
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Host an Open House

Experienced realtors are busy professionals; hence, hosting open houses can allow you to network with interested real estate agents. Conducting an open house or a networking event like a webinar can aid your sales team in collecting accurate email addresses. Include a sign-in sheet where the realtors can write their names, email addresses, and phone numbers, which you can use to contact them later.
This may be an old fashion way of collecting a list of realtor email addresses. However, remember to get consent to use their personal information for email marketing purposes. It is also important to note that real estate professionals will only participate in your open house if you provide them with value, have a well-known brand, and you can demonstrate your real estate expertise. Sort sign-in sheet leads based on the level of interest and send them an appropriate drip email campaign. Prepare an excellent script to contact the qualified leads and follow up with them.
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Build a Good Website and List Your Business

If your company provides products and services that value real estate, they can visit your website. Therefore, give your visitors a good reason to provide you with their email addresses. The content on the landing page must showcase how the products and services are relevant to them and how it will benefit them. The team can include a sign-up form at various spots on the website to motivate people to subscribe to the newsletter. Offering incentives or discounts can encourage visitors to sign up for your email list.

However, in exchange for an email address, provide them with a gift relevant to the real estate market. This can include a report on real estate price changes, a list of contact details from movers and packers in the area, or even a checklist for moving properties. It is also beneficial to list your services on business listing sites that are popular among real estate agents. If anyone is interested in your offering, they will try to contact you through the business listing sites like the DataCaptive directory.

List your business with DataCaptive directory
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Pick a Good Email Finding Tool

A good email marketing software or tool can aid a company in collecting new leads and clients with ease. The team can save time and manual work with email automation while growing its sales and revenue. This way, they can build long-lasting relationships with real estate agencies and encourage referrals after closing deals. Besides sending well-timed emails, it can maintain a healthy, engaged email list which is a surefire way to generate qualified leads.

Email-finding tools such as Sellhack, Datanyze Insider, ContactOut, Find That Email, AnyMail Finder, and Hunter, among others. Ensure your email marketing software includes sign-up forms, email segmentations, email analytics, and email automation options. One tool that combines all these features into one platform is ReachEngine. The platforms come with readymade email templates that allow you to create a personalized experience for your realtor leads. Send targeted emails to nurture customer relationships and build trust.

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Connect with a Community

One effective way to connect with realtors is by creating a relationship with local developers since they are some of the first to have a pulse on what is happening in the real estate market. Being in touch with them will aid your team in creating relationships with local real estate companies. Participating or volunteering in offline real estate events is also a great way to connect with prospects and spread brand awareness about your brand.

An online presence is essential as they can visit your social media profiles or website through the links you provide in your promotional content. Eventually, do enough genuine outreach. The real estate prospects will come to know your services by name, and if you send out a genuine outreach, real estate prospects will come to know you, and your team will be able to collect real estate agents’ contact information.

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Utilize Social Media Sites

Social media is an effective tool for collecting the email addresses of real estate professionals. Most realtors now utilize social media to promote their services and have profiles on sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. There is a high chance that a sales rep can find the email address and other contact information on the profiles as long as they have the correct name of the realtor. LinkedIn is a goldmine of leads, and sales reps can join the real estate investors group.
Soon your sales team will have a list of real estate leads ready to convert. However, it is easier said than done as it requires you to contribute to the ongoing conversation to build rapport. Your team can consider looking into pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements on sites like Facebook and Google. This advertisement will help display your ad content to real estate agents. This cost-effective method only requires you to pay every time a person clicks on the ad.
Utilize social media to find realtors email addresses
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Find Your Niche

Finding real estate agents’ email addresses can get easier once the sales team identifies the exact niche they are looking for. The leading real estate niche can be divided into luxury homes, student rentals, first-time homebuyers, city properties, vacation homes, and industrial real estate. Once you pick a niche and advertise yourself as the local expert in that particular product or service, your company will become the go-to person in your region.
Targeting a particular niche will allow you to focus on generating email addresses from lead aggregator sites like 99acres, MagicBricks, Propertybase Real Geeks, Placester, and Specializing in one or two areas will mean that your company will have less competition to fight against. To become the expert, your team will have to start blogging about your niche and partnering with brokers of the niche. Doing this will make the realtors contact you before you reach out to them.


Email is the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tool to collect and store a list of real estate agents’ email addresses. Now that you know how to get a list of real estate agents’ email addresses, let’s get to work. If you are looking for email templates that aid you in saving time and cutting down the workforce, then we have a solution. Our industry-based email templates are designed to help you reach your target audience with curated and professional-looking emails. We hope these tactics help your sales team create a list of real estate agents.

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Some of the main ways to find reals estate email addresses are:

  • Lead generation sites like 99acres, MagicBricks, Propertybase
  • Connecting with professional developers that may know about realtors
  • Utilizing email-finding tools such as Sellhack, Datanyze Insider, ContactOut
  • Join a real estate referral network to build contact with existing customers
  • Conducting an open house or a networking event

Some sites to get a realtor and real estate agents email addresses are:

  • DataCaptive
  • UpLead
  • Data Axle USA
  • AeroLeads
  • Similarweb
  • Zoominfo
Yes, it is ethical, legal, and effective to utilize a real estate agent’s email database for marketing purposes, as the contact information is usually collected after the individual’s permission. We at DataCaptive ensure that our database is within the confines of the law and ANTI-SPAM regulations. These include giving your list members a chance to opt out of your realtor database, not sending inappropriate materials, and providing enough information about your business, like your office address and phone numbers.
Yes, you can customize your list of real estate agents’ email lists based on your requirements, or check out our readymade real estate list that can single-handedly scale your marketing campaigns. It consists of all the contact information needed to reach the real estate market professionals, ensuring seamless communication with prospects.
Yes, real estate email addresses can be found online, and one way to find realtors’ email addresses online, then start by searching (name) + email (or) email address on Google. Even if it does not answer your question, it will present you with web pages related to the prospect. You can go through the web pages and search for their contact information.

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