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How Important Is Market Segmentation In B2B?

Market Segmentation in B2B


Marketing segmentation is defined as the process of categorizing potential customers into segments or groups based on different characteristics.


Marketing segmentation is created based on the consumer’s shared interests, needs, or even location.


For instance, three of your customers prefer long and informative content as opposed to four, whose preference lies with short ones. You can segment them accordingly into two groups. This allows you to cater to your customer with a more personalized approach.

This also improves your chances of generating positive outcomes from these campaigns. When you are a marketer in the convoluted industry like B2B, marketing segmentation might be your best chance to get connected to your audience.

Segmentation process

When it comes to B2B Marketing segmentation, various methods are applied to segregate the audience. A few are summarized here.

Segmentation Process

Based on needs:

The needs of the prospects are narrowed down to understand their pain points.

Based on products and services:

When the audiences are divided based on the product you offer.

Based on tiers:

This is a method where the customer’s interest matches that of the company’s.

Based on firmographics/ demographics:

It segments individuals/organizations based on specific descriptive attributes.

Benefits of marketing segmentation in your b2b marketing

When it comes to B2B marketing segmentation, the benefits are immense. It is almost impossible to devise a marketing strategy without segmentation. Without knowing who you are targeting, all your marketing efforts in B2B will become futile.


There is no shade of doubt that adopting B2B marketing segmentation makes marketing an easy feat to achieve for marketers. Some of the advantages are summarized as follows:

Advantages of marketing segmentation in b2b

Helps retain more customers

When you directly cater to the needs of the customers, the chances of retention doubles. It boosts their trust in your brand.

Increases profit returns

By pitching your products and services to a specific group of people who are interested in them, you increase your chances of earning more profits.

Promotes better communication with customers

Since you are offering personalized product/ service to the customers, the chances of involving in better communication increases significantly.

Expands the market

Segmentation makes expansion an immediate possibility. If you are catering to a particular audience within a specific territory, you can grow without restrictions.

Helps focus on the primary objective

It is only common to lose sight of your company’s primary objective along the way. With market segmentation in B2B, it is easier to focus on what you want. This, in turn, improves profit returns.

Boosts competitiveness

Once you start focusing on your primary objective, your competitiveness also increases. It allows you to improve your product/service, which in turn promotes brand loyalty.


Marketing segmentation in B2B allows you to reach out to customers that matter the most to your business. By categorizing your audience, you increase your chances of success in the long-run.


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