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5 ‘Spook’Tastic Halloween Marketing Tricks To Scare Up Your Profits

Halloween Marketing Tricks

Trick or Treating Season is Here Again! With Halloween just a day away, marketers are busy devising marketing strategies that are innovative and have a higher probability of winning profits.


In 2016, the total consumer expenditure on Halloween was around 8.6 billion dollars, and this year it is expected to cross the 9 billion figure. With such high expected returns, wouldn’t you want to have the best marketing tricks up your sleeve? I’m pretty sure you do!


So, let’s explore cool marketing tactics that can make your profits take the upward turn this Halloween:

Get your brand all dressed up for Halloween

Halloween may not be as big as Christmas. Nonetheless, it is important to make the most of the marketing and sales opportunities that it brings along. Displaying offers and adding Halloween-themed images to your website and social media pages could help you kick off your marketing campaigns at a good pace.


Tweaking your brand image with a hint of Halloween festivities does not only help to boost your marketing efforts but also helps your brand display the holiday spirit.

Special website offers that are "All Treats No Tricks"

Get creative with special offers on your website so as to enhance your website traffic and improve lead acquisition. From special holiday discounts to free giveaways, attractive offers can help get your sales soaring upwards easily!

Themed social media campaigns for faster sales

Social Media is the main battlefield for brands to compete for customer attention. Themed social media campaigns with Halloween elements and attractive offers could help improve your following and increase your sales effectively.


There are quite some ways you can innovate your social media campaigns depending on your brand and nature of products/services:


  • For a hardware or tools business, you could show how various tools can help you get rid of the mechanical issues which can be depicted as evil zombies or monsters that need to be warded off!
  • An Art or Decoration Business could put forth offers for easy Halloween-themed DIYs and also offer discounts on the decoration of Halloween parties and celebrations.
  • A Supermarket can offer great Halloween-themed giveaways on a set minimum purchase and what’s more, they could add to the fun by dressing up their staff for the occasion adding to the scary festive spirit.

Pumpkin spice & everything nice in Google Ads

Pumpkins are synonymous with Halloween. So get your Google Ads all decked up with offers that are hard to miss! Updating your ad copies with Halloween-related keywords may be a little expensive but that shouldn’t stop you from exploring the huge opportunity that the event offers.


Some important considerations that you need to keep in mind while preparing your Google Ads for Halloween are:

Keyword research can help

Doing some Halloween-related keyword research and inserting them into your ad copies can help improve website traffic and get you more leads and sales than you expected!

Make changes to your existing ads

Even if you don’t want to join the race to better traffic with keyword research, modifying your existent ad copies according to the Halloween spirit could actually get you the attention you expect from your audience!

Add promotional offers to your ads

Special Events are incomplete with relevant special offers. What better time to get those discounts rolling than events like Halloween when the holiday spirit is widespread and people expect the best deals to make buy your products!

Timing them right is what you need to do!

Timing is everything when it comes to marketing and sales. The run-up to any special event or occasion usually begins a few weeks ahead, so is the case with Halloween. Usually, businesses begin campaigns by late September or early October. But some start as early as the end of August. The fact is timing your campaigns right can make all the difference in the success of the campaigns.


These campaigns must also be optimized to the platform they are meant to play out at! You could do this in a number of ways namely:


  • Run email marketing campaigns that build curiosity and enthusiasm in your target audience way before the real event marketing starts.
  • Themed social media campaigns with intriguing Halloween offers starting from the end of October.
  • Google Ads with Halloween relevant keywords and loaded with special discount offers for a limited period could add to the festive enthusiasm.


Halloween is an occasion that brings together people in the most unique way! Whether it’s scary decors or trick or treating, add to the festivities by scaling up your sales this Halloween with these amazing tricks!

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