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60+ Halloween Subject Lines That Are Spooky & Effective

Halloween Email Subject Lines
Are you looking for unique Halloween subject lines for your upcoming seasonal email campaigns? If yes, you have arrived at the right place! Email marketing is among the most effective channels. With Halloween just around the corner, marketers are looking for ways to create successful email campaigns. The marketers usually add spooky Halloween elements, such as ghosts, jack-o-lantern, spider webs, and carved pumpkins, in their email subject lines.
Apart from these elements, you must have a compelling subject line to attract your customer’s attention. A subject line is a vital component of an email, especially when a third of your email list will either open or ignore your emails based on the subject line solely. Devising an eye-catching subject, especially during Halloween, is no easy task.
We are here to offer you some Halloween subject lines for this year’s spooktacular season. So, craft away your Halloween emails!

Why should you send out Halloween email campaigns?

Halloween has long been one of the most popular holidays in the US, but it has recently made its way into other markets. National Retail Foundation’s study proved that over 82% of households with kids planned to celebrate Halloween in 2021. With the global pandemic dying, Halloween 2022 is expected to be record-breaking in terms of the number of people celebrating.

Halloween, to most people, is all about trick or treating and parties, while marketers have another reason to celebrate Halloween: more sales. An article noted that the total amount consumers spend is now approaching $10 billion in the US alone. People start searching for Halloween deals as soon as October begins. Therefore, it is up to marketers to align their marketing tactics with the holidays.

Halloween is everyone’s favorite time of the year, meaning consumers are ready to go all out with their holiday purchases. That gives brands a chance to pitch their products and boost their sales.

Why should you send out Halloween email campaigns?

Best Tips For Creating Halloween Subject Lines

Tips for creating perfect Halloween subject lines for 2022

If you ache to bring your email marketing campaigns back from the dead, we have some fang-tastic tips for making the ideal Halloween email subject lines.

Length of subject line

A subject line must be between 20 to 50 characters and should not exceed that length. Shorter subject lines that are clear and to the point have the potential to bring in a higher open rate. Shorter subject lines help you widen your reach, especially for those reading your emails on mobile devices. If you cannot convey your message in the subject line, you can use the preview text. Adding more information in the preview text will give your recipients a seamless experience. Examples of short email subject lines for Halloween are:

Offer a sale or discount

Recipients are more prone to opening emails if they see offers or a discount in the subject line. Since it is Halloween, most recipients will be looking for worthwhile offers; therefore, make sure to offer them something of value. You can also give them a trick-or-treat as a freebie with purchase. Sometimes exclusive access or limited-time products can create a sense of urgency and lead to more sales. Examples of these playful Halloween subject lines are:

Use emojis related to Halloween

Adding the right emojis can aid you in attracting attention and improving your open rates. Use spooky emojis such as skulls, ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, spiders, spooky faces, etc. Some of our favorite emojis, such as fall leaves, candies, zombies, vampires, and haunted houses, can also be added to your Halloween sale email subject lines to make you stand out in a prospective customer’s crowded inbox. Emojis are an appealing way to add color and images to a subject line. Examples of subject lines with Halloween emojis are:

Add compelling reason to open emails

Prospective customers usually tend to receive numerous sales emails during the Halloween season. Therefore, if you want your subscribers to open the email, remember to include a persuasive reason in your subject lines. Leveraging the concept of FOMO in your emails can emphasize the urgency of your offers. Try to make the content enjoyable by adding puns and wordplays to intrigue your recipients and convince them to take action. Do not forget to add limited-time offers in the subject line as they encourage them to open the email. Examples of Halloween email subject lines are:

Add an element of mystery

Since Halloween is about being spooky, creepy, and uncertain, brands tend to include a sense of mystery in their email marketing campaigns. Implementing reverse psychology in your subject lines is sure to grab prospects’ attention. Don’t be afraid to include thematic elements in your subject lines, as it is a way to catch your customers’ attention. Words such as “OPEN IF YOU DARE” will entice your recipients to read your emails. Examples of such kind of Halloween marketing subject lines are:

Add personalization in your subject line

Personalization may be a common email marketing practice, but it sure is effective. Add the first name of the recipient, especially in the retargeting emails. You can also include occupation, purchase, or other personal detail that you have stored to create a connection with them. Personalizing emails shows the content is tailor-made for the individual, and you can build a relationship with the recipient much more quickly. Examples of these personalized Halloween email subject lines are:

A/B test email subject lines

A/B testing subject line involves creating and comparing two or more versions of your subject lines and sending them out to a small number of people to know what subject line works the best. A/B testing can be done with your employees, family members, or even 20–35% of your audience. However, ensure that the highest open rate decides the winning subject line.

Here are some A/B test ideas for your Halloween email subject lines:

Want to create the perfect Halloween email campaign, but don’t know where to start? We have a spooktacular whitepaper that will help you strategize the most cost-effective email marketing campaign.

Words you can use for your Halloween subject lines:


Mystery sale


Freaky savings


All treats, no tricks


Halloween flash sale


Free shipping


Spooky season


Halloween treats


The Halloween sale ends today


Spooktacular ideas


Fang-tastic tips


Happy Howl-oween


Practically Magic


Fall deals



General Halloween email subject line for B2B prospecting campaigns

01.  Frightening Good Sales Are Coming Your Way!
02.  In The Spirit of Halloween, ghost evil halloween spirit fear We Are Offering 35% Off!!!
03.  Spin Our Magic Wheel & Claim Offers Before Halloween Is Over.
04.  Check Out These Bone-chilling Offers Before the Time Is Up! hat halloween witch wizard magic
05.  Last Opportunity to Grab This Limited-period Halloween Deal
06.  Happy Halloween: skull bone evil halloween scary pumpkin We Have a Special Gift for You…
07.  This Halloween Season, Treat Yourself to Spooky Deals!
08.  Halloween Is Near, And So Are the Deals. halloween bat
09.  Spread The Word! This Howl-oween Sale Starts Now!
10.  Get Ready for vampire The Biggest Sale This Fall.
11.  hat halloween witch wizard magic Pre-Halloween Flash Sale! Your Time Starts Now!
12.  Scary Savings! Shop Now for spider Terrifying Treats pumpkin
13.  Is Your B2B Business Prepared for The Halloween Season?
14.  Psst…We Have Some Delicious Treats vampire For You.
15.  Celebrate Halloween With Our Storewide Limited Period Sales!
16.  Halloween ghost evil halloween spirit fear halloween bat Activities for Everyone to Enjoy!
17.  It’s Scary How Good These Sales Are! dreadful pumpkin
18.  Craving For Halloween-free Gifts? Don’t Worry; We Got You!

Halloween subject lines to bring about a sense of urgency

01.  Our Halloween Collection hat halloween witch wizard magic Is Quickly Vanishing vampire
02.  You Have Got Only 3 More Days to Treat Yourself.
03.  Last Chance halloween bat to Grab Our Hands on Our Half-price Sale!
04.  Freaky Savings This Halloween! pumpkin Extra 25% Off Today Only spider
05.  35% Off Everything for Halloween. Only 24 Hours Left!
06.  Spellbinding Offers till Midnight! ghost evil halloween spirit fear pumpkin
07.  hat halloween witch wizard magic skull bone evil halloween scary Ends Today! 30% off all products for the spooky season
08.  Halloween deals are heating up. Grab them before the time runs out!

Halloween subject lines for free shipping

01.  Here Is Your Halloween halloween bat Treat! FREE SHIPPING (Ends Today!)
02.  pumpkin Halloween is almost over! FREE domestic shipping offers only for today!
03.  Happy Halloween! FREE Shipping Starts Today. hat halloween witch wizard magic pumpkin
04.  Ready For Halloween? Get these offers and nationwide shipping only today.
05.  Answer these questions pumpkin to get free shipping on all your Halloween purchases.

Examples of successful Halloween email subject lines


Halloween email subjects
Subject line – Trick or Treat! Try A Spooky Stay
Companies like Airbnb are excellent at being straightforward about their offerings. Subject lines like this work as they are clear, concise, and targeted only toward customers that will be interested in their services.


Clear Email Subject Line
Subject line – Your Scary Good Deal Is Here.
A clear subject line brings about a certain amount of curiosity that makes a recipient open the email. This Halloween email is excellent because the company planned its product to align with the holiday season. It is an excellent example of spooky Halloween emails as it coordinates with Halloween by adding black and orange colors, spiderwebs, and a candle.


Walmart Scary Subject Line
Subject line – Ellen Degeneres’s Faves for Halloween!
This subject is very clever as it uses the name of a celebrity to attract attention and create interest in the minds of the recipient. The brand collaborated with Ellen DeGeneres to interact with its target audience. You can also use social proof like this to build a connection with your recipients.


Spooky Email Subject Line
Subject line – 15% Off All Ghoulish Goodies
Halloween email subject line that is equally haunting and promising at the same time. It is offering its recipients some value. Therefore, even if the subject line has a spooky ghost vibe, it is still enticing enough to click. This is one of Halloween’s best examples of creative email marketing campaigns.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron Spooky Subject Line
Subject line – Forget the Candy. This Deal Is the Sweetest One Yet!
Since treats are a significant part of Halloween, you can add compelling offers or content to tempt your customers this season. Talking about Halloween parties, food is an effective method to attract users to your email.


Halloween is the perfect time to add fun and value to your email marketing campaigns. It is one of those holiday seasons that can be used to generate more leads and even convert them into your clients. Halloween email campaigns are the easiest way to engage with prospective customers and build relationships.

Remember to create a sense of urgency, add discounts, and use emojis to stand out in their inbox. You can also brainstorm to include some puns in your subject lines. If you plan your Halloween email campaign, you can use this blog to create the perfect Halloween subject line.

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