Women are leading the game in almost every walk of life. Irrespective of the industry they work for; women have excelled because of their dedication & multitasking skills. Though men are of equal caliber, yet women in B2B Marketing technology have made their presence felt with their work. You must be thinking why this article now when it isn’t even women’s day? I believe celebrating the contributions of men & women to any industry doesn’t require a special day, it’s more important to acknowledge their roles than their genders! The B2B marketing technology industry is composed of various strata of job roles where women have made their mark. Right from Marketing Automation to mastering CRM Software or Social Media, Women are significant achievers.

How B2B Marketing Technology Is Changing & So is the Role of Marketers

B2B Marketing Technology constitutes the incorporation of technology into the marketing framework to speed up the process & enhance its efficiencies. Over the years the marketing process has evolved in a big way, from door to door marketing to personalized emails & social media messaging, the tactics of customer engagement have changed beyond recognition. In yesteryears, most B2B Marketers concentrated on making better the products that they wanted to sell whereas in present times every marketer wants to track the customer’s journey at every step with greater focus on solving customer problems rather than mundane selling.

With the growing advancements in B2B Marketing Technology, it is important to build a technology stack for your organization for efficient customer interactions, data accumulation & converting leads to buyers. The development of CRM software brought a whole new perspective to the way customer behavior was tracked & interactions based customer or prospect data was collected for subsequent use in developing email campaigns & other marketing techniques. Along with CRM, other technologies such as Marketing Automation Tools, Data Analytics etc. are also changing the landscape of marketing & are making them greatly customer insight-driven.

With such an evolving role at hand, B2B Marketing Technology professionals have an immense role to play. From using B2B contact & company data for CRM to personalizing marketing messages to get connected with the target audience, B2B Marketing Technology professionals are revolutionizing all aspects of the B2B trade.

The Most Influential Women in B2B Marketing Technology

Having understood the prominent role of B2B Marketing Technology Professionals, let’s now explore over 35 most influential women who are revitalizing the B2B Marketing Scene with their Marketing Technology expertise:

1. Megan Heuer

Megan Heuer



Having received her MBA from Cornell University & a BA from University of Connecticut, Megan Heuer is the brain behind Sirius Decisions research accomplishments. According to Megan “Customer lifetime value is coming back into vogue with b-to- b companies – and this is a positive step”. With such thoughts as the basis, Megan in collaboration with her team of expert analysts aims to help clients utilize data-driven insights & the best possible frameworks so as to aid in revolutionary growth & exceptional customer experiences.

2.Maneeza Aminy

Maneeza Aminy



Known for her expertise in marketing automation & marketing industry trends, Maneeza Aminy is a visionary thought leader who is definitely changing the B2B Marketing Technology landscape. She has worked with over 250 brands that include big names such as Google, RingCentral and Extreme Networks. With many Marketing Technology achievements in her name Maneeza is definitely an influential professional you must follow.

3.Meagen Eisenberg

Meagen Eisenberg



Cited as one of the Top 50 most retweeted by mid-sized marketers according to Adweek & among 25 Top B2B Marketing Influencers according to InsideView, Meagen has won many awards as a leading marketer. Meagen is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) & extends her intellectual expertise to devising smarter marketing strategies to promote overall growth & value for customers. Having worked in companies such as DocuSign, ArcSight, TRIRIGA etc., she is definitely making her mark with her tremendous work.

4.Laura Ramos

Laura Ramos



Laura Ramos is The Vice president & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research. She specializes in B2B marketing with hands on experience in product marketing, demand management & Social Media. She aims to integrate digital approach in building & delivering marketing programs, creating thought leadership & promoting the company’s upward growth.

5.Amanda Kahlow

Amanda Kahlow



Amanda Kahlow is the chief strategy officer at 6sense & an advisor to an organization. Girl Rising, that is dedicated to girl education & their overall empowerment in developing countries so as to bring about a positive social change. With a passion to integrate predictive marketing & sales intelligence into the B2B set up, Amanda believes in revolutionizing B2B marketing & sales with her fresh perspective & hard work. Amanda is definitely one of the women without whom this list would be incomplete!

6.Kristen Logan Alexander



Kristen is the Marketing & Product Technology Leader & CMO at Certain Inc. She has driven growth for enterprise SaaS businesses as well as consumer businesses in gaming, and wireless applications and services. She has led execution and market building leading teams within Fortune 100 companies and high growth startups. She is a leader in analytics & strategic marketing.

7.Moni Oloyede

Moni Oloyede



Moni Oloyede is the Marketing Technology & Marketing Operations Specialist at Fidelis Cybersecurity. Equipped with a profound experience in Digital Marketing, Moni heads Inbound Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing & development for B2B Marketing. Having created & managed PPC Ad campaigns, Moni also specializes in social media channel management. She has lead several multichannel integrated digital programs for lead generation, product launch, lead nurturing, lead scoring, marketing strategies etc.

8.Kristin Connell

Kristin Connell



Kristin Connell is the senior marketing Automation Consultant who aims to aid B2B marketers achieve sizeable market growth with data driven strategies & marketing cloud technologies. She is an entrepreneur at heart & believes in taking educated risks to achieve success both at personal as well as professional fronts. Kristin’s passion to help others discover the impact of innovation on customer experience with marketing technology reserves her spot on this list!

9.Nikki Nixon




Nikki Nixon is the Director at Flip My Funnel & believes in helping marketing, sales & success professionals to become the best at what they do & empower their organizations by flipping their funnel. She is a passionate marketing technologist on a mission to have an exponential impact on the world through her work.

10.Melissa Madian

Melissa Madian



A key Official at TMM Enablement Services, Melissa coins herself as the Chief Fabulous Officer. With her extremely optimistic approach that is evident from her work, Melissa believes in applying the principles of modern marketing to help the customer facing teams in growing both personally & professionally. She holds expertise in sales & marketing alignment, sales enablement, customer experience etc.

11.Farrah Forbes

Farrah Forbes



Working as the head of B2B Marketing Technology Sales at Integrate Inc., Farrah is an experienced professional with over 15 years of experience B2B Media & data driven marketing. Having worked at IDG Enterprise previously as VP Digital Sales & Data Strategy & Account Director, Farrah Forbes definitely knows how to bridge marketing technology & sales strategies.

12.Cari Baldwin




Cari Baldwin is the Chief Revenue Officer at Square 2 Marketing. She is passionate about generating leads & converting them into lucrative customer relationships. Her career has involved some important milestones such as her work to guide successful technological implementations based on a profound knowledge of associated partners, integration tools & ecosystem elements.

13.Crys Wiltshire

Crys Wiltshire



The Digital Account manager at Collaborative Haus marketing & Analytics & Insights Professional at Ebrand, Crys is a passionate marketing officer whose work experience is focused around SEO & Content Marketing. She holds a vast experience in social media marketing, branding & corporate culture development at gShift.

14.Kay Kienast

Kay Kienast



Specialized in global marketing, channel development, branding & lead generation, Kay Kienast is a top ranking marketing executive. She has led International Teams in several companies from tech startups to multibillion dollar market leading organizations such as Cisco, Bell Atlantic, Xerox & Dell. She was awarded the 552 Leadership Development award & named Woman of the Year in 2012.

15.Nancy Nardin

Nancy Nardin



A Sales Technology Stack Expert & Founder of Smart Selling Tools, Nancy Nardin is a well known thought leader on sales & marketing productivity tools. Developed under her leadership, Smart Selling Tools is a company that aims to drive revenue by helping marketers & sellers incorporate process & technology in their marketing & sales techniques. With almost 30 years of experience in the field of marketing & sales, Nancy is a pioneer in sales prospecting technology.

16.Angela Mahoney

Angela Mahoney



Angela holds immense experience in Software development/ IT project management & Data Analysis. She quotes her passion is Salesforce.com due to its caliber of meeting multiple demands seamlessly across various enterprises efficiently. She possesses strong analytic skills that will serve well in leading B2B Marketing growth.

17.Mary Wallace

Mary Wallace



Mary Wallace is a modern B2B Marketer with enhanced skills & ability to boost revenue & improve the efficiency of campaigns by utilizing technical, business, management & content marketing expertise. She has over 25 years of experience in marketing, technology, leadership & media with 10 years of hands-on experience in Eloqua & Act-On.

18.Tracy Eiler

tracy eiler



Having driven the marketing strategy at both cloud-based & traditional enterprise technology companies for over 25 years, Tracy Eiler is a revenue-driven SaaS marketing executive with special skills to boost demand generation & brand awareness. As the Chief marketing executive at Inside View, Tracy leads the formulation of successful marketing strategy & initiatives. Tracy recently received recognition as the B2B Demand Marketing Game Changer & has been mentioned in the Top 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management.

19.Christine Viera

Christine Viera



Christine Viera offers immense knowledge from 15+ years of helping extraordinary B2B brands develop. She has served both Fortune 500 brands and other high growth startups & new businesses. She aims to develop B2B brands develop by concentrating on clients and making feasible upper hand. Christine has worked as SVP of Marketing for Kapost, VP of Product Marketing and Product Management at Oracle, and VP of Product Management at Avaya. Currently she is leading top notch professionals with her extensive knowledge & skills pertaining to marketing technology.

20.Dayna Rothman

Dayna Rothman



Dayna Rothman is the VP of Marketing and Sales Development at BrightFunnel. Dayna Rothman previously worked as the Director of Content Marketing at Everstring and led the content department at Marketo. She has authored ‘Lead Generation for Dummies’. Dayna also specializes in social media marketing, content marketing, marketing automation & inbound marketing. She has graduated with an MBA from Golden Gate University & resides in Oakland, CA.

21.Michelle Burrows

Michelle Burrows



Michelle Burrows is a revenue performance marketer who specializes in demand generation, market research, analyst & public relations, sales & marketing alignment, channel & partner strategy & product marketing. Michelle’s work profile involves driving impactful results, delivering metric based programs from inception to execution so as to create a successful sales pipeline. She is currently the Vice President, Marketing & Analytics at Comcast Business.

22.Lynette Young

Lynette Young



Lynette Young is the Director of Marketing at ClaimWizard. She is a family business coach & works towards client education, serving clients residing in retail, services, direct sales & franchise companies. Lynette & her husband are co-founders of ClaimWizard a SaaS platform for the public adjuster & advocacy industry. At ClaimWizard, Lynette works at the top of the digital marketing division & extends services such as website development, digital marketing & lead generation.

 23.Cynthia Gumbert

Cynthia Gumbert



Cynthia Gumbert is an Industry recognized marketing and business executive dedicated to delighting customers and driving a quantitative approach to achieve marketing results. Cynthia is currently the VP of Marketing at Markforged.  She has a fascinating track record of exceeding growth goals for marketing and sales at both fast growing and Fortune 500 organizations. She is widely recognized for generating the highest in industry ROI on marketing investment, driving best practices for prospect-to-sales conversion management, having a global point of view, and as an industry leader in use of B2B marketing technology.

24.Kieren Jameson

Kieren Jameson



Kieren Jameson is The Trailhead Editor at Salesforce. She holds a wide range of responsibilities such as Technical writer, editor, presenter, curriculum developer & trainer, project manager, Salesforce & Pardot administrator, front & back end web developer, graphic designer, systems administrator, database administrator. She is highly driven & passionate about user empowerment and tech diversity/inclusion advocacy.

25.Marilyn Cox




Marilyn Cox is the Vice President of Marketing and CRM at The Second City. She specializes in inbound marketing, outbound marketing, content management, demand & lead generation, marketing technology, social media marketing, account-based marketing, advocacy, customer success, sales enablement, and analytics.

26.Lauren Jordan

Lauren Jordan



Lauren Jordan is the Senior Salesforce Application Specialist at Qlik. She is a versatile and organized problem solver with innate technical aptitude and ability to partner with Executive Management, Sales, Marketing and other important teams to maximize operations and interactions between disparate groups via the use of Salesforce.com.

Her Core skills include sales operations management, deployment of demand generation tactics, sales training & lead generation.

 27.Patricia Mejia

Patricia Mejia



Patricia Mejia is an agile marketing leader with demonstrated success driving increased revenue through integrated digital marketing, branding, demand generation, analyst relations (AR) and public relations (PR) programs. She is also a highly experienced marketing technologist with expertise in web content management, customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, email marketing and marketing analytics.

28.Lara Shackelford

Lara Shackelford



Lara Shackelford is the Global Head of Partner Marketing at Marketo. Previously she has profound experience as EVP & CMO at Altify in driving market leadership, global awareness, content strategy, product marketing etc. She is an outbound oriented marketing officer with excellence in propelling high growth, public & venture funded, SaaS, enterprise software & professional service companies.

29.Maria Pergolino

Maria Pergolino



Maria Pergolino is the SVP Marketing & Sales at Apttus, the leading & hyper-growth Quote-to-Cash solutions provider. With more than 15 years of marketing experience, she is the top executive responsible for go-to market strategies. She is well known for building world-class teams that promote growth, product differentiation & category development. She has been a part of award winning campaigns in brand, demand generation. Customer advocacy, strategic events & communications.

30.Sheryl Pattek

Sheryl Pattek



Prominent VP & CMO at Forrester, Sheryl Pattek works with CMOs & other senior level marketing teams to help advance their major initiatives, with a narrowed down focus on the creation of customer based strategies that help in driving business growth & progress. She plays a major role in providing an objective, external viewpoint to handle the toughest marketing challenges & capitalize on latest opportunities faster. At Forrester her role is diverse & brings together research, advisory, consulting, events & data services.

31.Paige O’Neill

Paige ONeill



Paige O’Neill is the Chief marketing officer at Prysm Inc. Previously she has served as the CMO at iJento Limited & SDL plc. Her expertise includes positioning, demand generation, communications & social marketing. She holds immense experience creating marketing programs that establish leadership positions for companies across enterprise software, wireless technology, software as a service etc.

32.Kylee Hall

Kylee Hall



Kylee Hall is the VP Marketing at RemindHQ. She has served as the senior Director of marketing & Product marketing Manager previously at Leadspace & Marin Software. With over 14 years of experience of data driven marketing in several industries that include B2B, Telecommunications, Retail & CPG.

33.Robyn Forman

Robyn Forman



Robyn Forman serves as the VP of digital Marketing at Zoomdata. Previously she has worked as the VP of Global marketing at Searchmetrics, a leading enterprise search & content platform. She is the founder of PipelineDemand & Red Apple Marketing. Her expertise include Digital Marketing, Social Media, Branding, Company and Product Positioning and Messaging, Corporate Communications, Public Relations, Demand Generation, Lead Generation, Partner Marketing, Field Marketing, Campaign Management, Customer Marketing, Multi-Channel Marketing, Sales Enablement etc.

34.Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller



Rachel Miller is the Influencer Marketing Manager at Top Rank Marketing. She has immense experience in Influencer Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Strategy, Content Marketing, Community Management, Business Development, Marketing Automation, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Relations, Social Selling Program Implementation, Social Business Applications etc. She coins herself a Marketing Technology & Data geek.

35.Kimberly Cooper

Kimberly Cooper



Kimberly is the Senior Marketing Manager at Alexa Internet. She is a B2B SaaS Marketing professional & aims to help marketers get the right blend of various digital marketing forms to promote better sales. She is also a marketing blogger at FullyMarketed. Her specialized areas include Search Engine Optimization, SEO, SEM, PPC, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Web Design, Email Marketing, Web Analytics, Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, Demand Generation, Creative Visual Communication, Lead Generation, Online PR, Blogger Relations, Marketing Automation, Conversion Optimization etc.

36.Joanna O’Connell

Joanna OConnell



Another exceptional marketer from the Forrester research bouquet, Joanna O’Connell   serves as the Vice President & Principal Analyst. She is a highly experienced digital marketing professional with exceptional expertise in the fields of Digital Strategy, Mobile Advertising, E-commerce, Digital Marketing, and Strategic Partnerships etc.

 37.Tamara McCleary

Tamara McCleary



Tamara McCleary is the CEO at Thullium & a technology futurist at the zenith of the marketing sector she operates in. She has been cited as the #1 Social Media Influencer at numerous conferences in 2016 & 2017 that include IBM Amplify, DistribuTECH, Enterprise Connect, Channel Partners, RSA, NAB Show, Gartner Security, and IBM Interconnect.

38.Michelle Killebrew

Michelle Killebrew



As the CMO at Nomiku, Michelle is known for exceeding objectives through inspiring teams and the implementation of new strategies, effective processes, innovative campaigns and sophisticated marketing technology. She specializes in go-to-market strategy, digital marketing, demand generation, strategy, content marketing, integrated campaigns, channel optimization, email marketing, pipeline acceleration, customer acquisition & retention, affiliate marketing etc.


In Conclusion

There are more names that are making their mark in the field of marketing technology which I may have missed out but never the less I would like to appreciate the effort of all these women who are making groundbreaking changes in B2B Marketing Technology & changing the way we reach & sell to the customer.