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5 Psychological Hacks To Influence B2B Decision-Makers To Close Deals

Psychological hacks to influence B2B decision-makers

“The brain is wider than the sky”Emily Dickinson


Human psychology is the most interesting aspect of being a human. Our thoughts and patterns are governed by 90% by the subconscious mind and only 10% by the conscious mind. It is not easy to just get through our customer’s psyche; it is a science.


You can also use these psychological hacks to influence B2B decision-makers to enjoy a substantial hike in your sales and customer relationship.

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Providing time / Convenience


The lifestyle of a modern man involves a lot of his energy and time.People do not have the luxury of time on their hands

When you provide a solution that is easy, convenient and timesaving,you grab the attention of the B2B decision-makers. Make sure that reaching from point A to point Z is with utmost ease and convenience.


Actionable takeaway

Provide a call to action on your content. Make your sales funnel as small as possible. When a customer decides to get your product, he must get it in no time with no hassles.

The idea of novelty


When something is unique, its value is perceived to be more. A customer wants to get the value for his price. When a customer feels that your product/ service is different from the other product,

he will more likely want the product more. You can also provide more than what the customer expects from you. When a customer gets extra services, you provide the idea of novelty to your customers.

Free supplements

Actionable takeaway

Get creative and unique in your content. Share content that can make a positive difference to the world.

Create a sense of urgency

When you provide a good offer for a limited period, a customer is bound to take immediate action. When there is a sense of scarcity,

the perceived value of the product increases. Also, stating how fast your solution can solve a customer’s perceived problem can urge him to take faster action.

Limited period offer

Actionable takeaway

Created limited period deals or create low availability of the product.

Sell more than just your product


Humans are emotional beings; they will buy products that appeal to them emotionally. When they look at the brand,

it must appeal to them on a deeper level. The product must connect them to pleasant feelings and help them in providing a solution to their perceived problem.

25 days challenge

Actionable takeaway

Use your social media and website to share your values, inspiring stories, and use these platforms to let customers know that you care.

Repeat, repeat, repeat


Human memory is a very tricky thing. Out of sight is often out of mind. If you want your customers to take your message seriously,

show them you are serious. When you repeat, you increase your chances of being recalled by your customers.


Actionable takeaway

Post regularly. Do not post too much or too little. Just post enough. Through social learning, you can determine what connects to your customer and strategize your social media marketing.

Need tips for effective social media marketing?


To conclude, I would just like to emphasize that if you look deep down a customer is seeking to lessen his pain and increase his satisfaction. Provide quality service and form a strong bond with your customers. Provide extra services and create your legacy with your brand.


If there are any psychological hacks that I missed (I am sure there are many), comment below. If you liked this article, please do subscribe to read more interesting and engaging content. Share this content with your friends.


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