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5 Simple SEO Strategies To Help Improve Your Google Ranking Post

SEO strategies to improve google rankings

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO is one of the most effective, and affordable marketing methods today. With nothing more than your own time and effort, you can follow optimize and improve your website so that Google sees it as more valuable and presents it higher in searches.


The result is more organic traffic from people who actually search for topics related to your website, and thus are potential customers and prospects of yours. Search engine optimization doesn’t have to cost a single dollar, and that’s also the reason why it is growing in popularity. However, what you do need to know is that SEO takes time.


You won’t see results after a week, and you won’t see results after a month. Results from your SEO efforts can take a long time, but if done correctly, the time you invest into SEO will be more than worth it. In this article, we’re looking at 5 simple and basic SEO practices that will help you improve your website’s ranking.

Think about your keywords

The keywords you are including on your website are what you will rank for. If you are operating in the hockey industry, then obviously you should include keywords related to hockey that allows people who are searching for subjects related to your brand to find you. Back in the day, keyword stuffing was the sketchy way to get ranked high on Google. This meant that you repeated the keyword as many times as you could on the page you were trying to rank, and Google picked it up and ranked you high.


However, Google soon realized this and has become much smarter since then. Therefore you need to choose your keywords strategically and not repeat them like a spammy bot. Instead, the keywords you use would flow naturally on the page and it shouldn’t be hard to read. With Google Adword keyword planner, you can get suggested keywords related to your niche that you can include on your website since people within your industry are searching for it.

Create high-quality content

In order to get better rankings on search engines, it is important to understand what drives them, and what their goal is. High-quality content is the foundation to great rankings on search engines. Google’s goal is the provide the highest quality content that is most relevant to the searcher’s search. If your website can provide that, Google will favor you and present your content at the top. If your content is more thorough and more high-quality than the other websites that are in the search result, you have a chance of ranking higher than them – even if they have a more established website than you.

Make it easy for people to share

When people share your content, it indicates to search engines that people are finding it valuable. When people find it valuable, it means that Google is doing a good job in presenting relevant results to its searchers. As a result, they’ll favor your website and page with better rankings. Therefore, you want to have share buttons easy at hand, and encourage people to use them, because they can improve your website’s rankings significantly.

Page load speed

Both Google and Bing have admitted that they take page-loading speed into account in their website ranking algorithm. They want their users to have a great experience, and a slow loading website harms the user experience. In fact, new research by Google has found that 53% of mobile website visitors will leave if a webpage doesn’t load within three seconds. Therefore, seconds are crucial for great rankings.


If your website loads slowly, Instagram will punish it with worse rankings, however, if it is quick, they will favor you with improved rankings. If search engines notice that they click on a result and then instantly click the back button, it indicates that the result they presented wasn’t good enough, thus hurting your ranking over time. Therefore a goal of yours should be to decrease the bounce rate and cut load time. There are many ways you can improve your page load speed. One method is to use caching plug-ins, optimize image sizes, and reduce the number of plug-ins.

Image optimization

People often forget that images are an important part of SEO. As a result, having well-optimized images can help make your images end up high on search results and ultimately improve your rankings. By including relevant keywords for your image file names, including alt tag, title, description, and caption, you can indicate that your website has valuable content not just in the form of text but also images, and you should remember that Google can’t scan images and that it instead reads the descriptions of your images, and as a result, you need to pay great attention to the descriptions you add to your images.

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