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6 Amazing Tricks To Enhance Landing Page Conversion Rates

6 amazing tricks to enhance landing page conversion

In this digital era, maintaining the company’s website is a must to market your products as well as services. A good website provides precise and clear information on the company’s vision, products and services. Often, the website content, and resources like blogs, infographics, whitepaper and other deliverables increase the website traffic. Interestingly here is the solution for this problem, it’s a good landing page. Yes! It’s the landing page, basically it’s a web page created to convert the website visitors into leads by capturing their contact details. It plays a crucial role in inbound marketing as well as assists in Ad campaigns to generate leads. Additionally, fine-tuning a landing page with these six amazing tricks will definitely enhance your landing page conversion rates. Believe it or not, to benefit from this article take a look at these amazing tricks that play a crucial role in enhancing landing page conversion rates.

  1. Align key elements of effective landing pages
  2. Use landing page creation and testing tool
  3. Add appropriate Call-to-Action that drives prospects to take an action
  4. Include relevant and convincing words in the landing page content
  5. Minimize the landing page load time
  6. Avoid distractions on landing pages

Align key elements of effective landing pages

Getting the attention of your visitors is the initial step of a marketing program however, you can achieve it by aligning the landing page elements to get the graceful look like creating a catchy headline that aligns with the requirement of ad visitors who clicked to reach the landing page and goal of the ad campaign. Include simple yet effective content that compels visitors to drop their contact details in the lead capture form. Insert a lead capture form with optimized fields that collect visitor’s details. Design it with an interactive and informative video that educates visitors about the company’s product meant to market. Get the trust indicators like testimonials and partnership associated with an eminent third party and place it on the landing page. Last but not the least, place effective call-to action buttons and offers in appropriate places. These simple steps compel the visitors to approach the company to purchase or enquire about the product. Here is an example of eye catching landing page that a positive impression on visitors about the company’s product.  

Use landing page creation and testing tools

Innovative technologies are serving many industries including the marketing sector by providing tools that help them getting the desired results at faster pace. Luckily! There are few tools to help us in creating an effective landing page and test the existing page. Because, creating a landing page is more time consuming and needs more resources. However, you may end up with a landing page with bugs which needs a testing tool verify its status. These tools help deliver an effective landing page with minimal errors that can be rectified easily. Thus you can easily optimize your landing page to achieve better conversion rates faster. Here are few landing page creation and testing tools like google sites, Launchaco, Unbounce, Wix, Leadpages, instapage.  Testing tools – Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer, Unbounce, Google Analytics and Content Experiments.  

Add appropriate call-to-action that drives prospects to take an action

Inserting a strong Call-to-Action button is one of the key point to get the attention of the visitor that drives them to take an action. So it’s very important to design and place the Call-to-Action button in a landing page. Just imagine! You have designed a landing page that drives tons of website traffic with poor Call-to-Action buttons. This might be a cause for poor landing conversion rates. You can combat this problem with perfect Call-to-Action button in the landing page. Here are few key tricks to design an effective Call-to-Action button:


  • Use distinct visuals
  • Include influencing words
  • Get the appealing look
  • Select appropriate size
  • Ultimately place it in an appropriate location


Along with this take care that you will not add too many CTAs in the landing page as this may distract your site visitors. According to, research on an average they have achieved 13.5% higher conversion rate for landing pages with single CTA link.

Include relevant and convincing words in the landing page content

Landing page content plays a crucial role in convincing site visitors, so it’s very important to include relevant convincing words. As well as informative content with few catchy words that describe the company’s product will help in enhancing the conversion rates. Even incorporating words like you, yours will leave behind a personalized touch on your site visitors. Eventually a simple, short, yet effective content with few graceful words will definitely help you to market your products to the site visitors. Incorporation of videos, images will be an add-on to fetch better landing page conversion rates.  

Minimize the landing page load time

Dealing with the landing page load time is one of the most troubling issue for many site visitors. According to a disruptive advertising firm, 74% of visitors say that they leave the page if the landing page fails to load within 5 seconds. Well, you can solve this problem by optimizing the code and images, and eliminating the extra plugins. This will ultimately reduce the landing page load time to drive the conversion at a higher rate. Optimizing landing pages reduces the grievance of your visitors in loading landing pages and gets their attention towards the landing page. Thus, always keep in mind that the faster will be the better option for your site visitors.  

Avoid distractions on landing page

Think for a while you design an exceptional landing page with interactive content, images, lead capture forms and good appearance. But end up with some pop-up ads that make your customers leave! Ultimately it distracts your site visitors and reduces their interest which makes them to leave the landing page. So to avoid such scenarios use effective measures to inhibit the pop-up ads. Always maintain the appealing features of the landing page to enhance the landing page conversion rates.
You can easily apply these six amazing tricks to enhance the landing page conversion rates. Because, the better landing page conversion rate is an indicator of a successful ad campaigns. In fact, this measures your efforts in designing the ad campaign and the range of audience you approached to market the company’s product. However, for any queries on enhancing landing page conversion rates you can reach our experts us at DataCaptive.

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