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7 Must-Try Customer Retention Techniques

Must Try Customer Retention Techniques
My friend Bob is a smart sales ninja. He rocks at closing new sales in a flash, and he has an amazing conversion rate too. Still, he struggles to push the revenue higher. What could be the reason, he often wonders. The realization strikes and he gets to know that the clients he enrolled so quickly are leaving him in proportion. Surprising, isn’t it?
Well, not really. Then Bob figures out that some of his clients left him for various reasons. Sigh! But Bob can tackle this by focusing a little more on his clientele and changing his sales approach. Read on to know more about customer retention. Attrition, just like inflation, is the bitter truth every sales agent has to face.

Not every client you enroll will stay with you until the end if you don’t take good care of them. However, there are plenty of strategies that you can implement to control attrition and retain the existing clients in addition to enrolling new ones. In this blog, we have listed some highly important ones.


Even if you have very good customer stickiness already, practicing these strategies will only boost your relationship with them.

Let’s look into the top 7 customer retention techniques that you must try now.

1. Right user & easy access

Customer retention starts from the very beginning. Matching your product with the right user is the key to a long-lasting relationship. Never focus on hurriedly closing the sales, instead listen to the customer’s requirements and try to sell him what he needs.


User-friendliness is why users prefer using only certain products. Therefore, before everything else you should ensure that it is super easy for your users to access your products or services. You should also take their feedbacks and develop your product even further. As a sustainable business, you need to keep innovating.

2. Connect emotionally

It’s humans that you deal with when you sell anything. This is the reason why your approach of connecting with them after-sales matters the most. Pay attention to how you come across as a brand and then add some personality to your image. Connect with your users over calls, emails and social media to maintain an emotional connection with them.

3. Acing the support

One of the biggest reasons why customers decide to leave an organization is when their queries are poorly attended to. If this is the case at your company, you are missing out on a precious chance to make your clients feel valued and win their loyalty forever. Build a stellar system to act on their grievances. This will enable your clients to approach you easily in case of need. Do you find it troublesome to keep up with a help desk? Try using help desk software to streamline tickets and queries.

4. Ask for feedback

Your clients would love it when you ask about what they think of your products or services. And when they have some very good things to say about you, it becomes a testimony for you; that you can use to inculcate trust in other clients.
  • Speak to your clients
  • Invite them to share their views on your services and products
  • Your live chat software can give you a list of clients who frequently talk to you and are more likely to give testimonials for you.
As a matter of fact, your new clients would trust those testimonials more than your own published content.

5. Loyalty or referral programs

This is one of the most effective practices that make your clients stick around for longer.


  • Run rewards or loyalty programs where they get discounts or any other benefits by using your products.
  • Allow them to earn reward points that they can redeem against any new purchase
  • Same way you can run a referral program where the existing client earns benefit upon referring a new client


Starbucks implemented this program and now coffee lovers redeem thousands of stars every day to buy their coffee. Sounds effective?

6. Automation to the rescue

Use digital marketing tactics such as email campaigning and social media marketing to connect with your customers frequently. There is plenty of software that can help you keep in touch with them regularly. Your interactions with them make them less likely to stop using your services.

7. Standout amongst competition

Customers stick to products with a strong brand image. This is how brands, Nike for example, strongly connect and build a larger-than-life following. You too can start with a strong hardcore mission that you and your team believe in and that will drive your customer to remain with you. Bottom line:

Always remember, “once a customer doesn’t mean always a customer!”

There are many more tactics that you can use to increase customer stickiness. More or less, customer retention is all about successfully maintaining relationships with people on the other end.


Never take your existing customers for granted, for they are the most valuable asset you should preserve. Implementing an online CRM software would not really bring warmth to your customer relationships.


Taking care of and being aware of the basics of Customer Service would do a fair job! You know the strategies, go ahead and act now!

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