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7 Smart Ways To Generate Quality Leads

7 Smart Ways To Generate Quality Leads
Hello! It’s all good news for the b2b marketers to generate Quality Leads. Wouldn’t it be great if your business keeps inducing customers at a reducing cost? “Tips for lead generation.” You have heard the usual advice a million times. I know what’s running in your mind.

How am I going to obtain good quality leads? How am I going to manage my costs in lead generation? It’s the question you secretly dread in the present and future.

At this point, you realize that you have been fed up with the same old bounce rates, redundant data, and exceeding costs that put your business to test.

What is a lead?

Lead is a cluster of relevant customer information. It is identification data of a person who has interest, authority, or motivation to purchase a product service.

what must a qualified lead have
Marketers and sales departments approach to quality leads

How am I going to generate leads beyond these odds? Don’t worry. Let’s dive into these smart tricks. Bear with me because I am going to explain to you.

1. Its time to mark a statement with your websites

Once you have nailed this strategy things turn easier for you. Try out small smart moves that create a big difference for your b2b campaigns.

a) Intent Pop-ups, Slide-in, Opt-in pages

Pop-ups usually disturb the audience. They exit the website if you keep telling them about your product every second. As a b2b marketer, play safe with Pop-ups.

Highly-selective with your pop-up plans
Pop-ups that work for your B2B business

b) Refine it like A/B Testing

A/B testing is a controlled statistical-based experiment to check your website responsiveness.


Building an attractive web design sounds simple! It is not good enough. Users navigate your website if they feel that it resonates with their intentions and is personalized accordingly.


The cool thing is, A/B testing helps you create a responsive web design. Like Pop-ups, you can work out some user-inducing strategies to get your web designs to speak for you.

Real world B2B A-B Testing results

c) Make a difference with a growth-driven web design strategy

It’s high time you avoid the traditional static web designs. They are completely outdated.


Growth-Driven web design is a continuous process. In this, you build a website by adjusting, refining, and evolving designs continuously.

Growth-driven web design is essential

d) Let your website speak through mobile

Have you ever noticed how you could get your site optimized for mobile users? B2B marketers are now running towards grabbing the attention of mobile users as they are a necessity to get their websites to be mobile optimized.

essentials for a B2B marketer to attract mobile users at ease
exciting statistics that explain the growth of mobile B2B marketing

2. Hit the bullseye with new & updated SEO tactics

When it comes to SEO, you feel like you are banging your head against a wall and you come to a saturation point after experimenting with all the strategies. Well! It is not true. We have some new & updated SEO Tactics; let’s see.

a) Build laser-focused landing pages

The term laser-focused means that the web pages have to be quite specific. They must have the exact relevance to the subject they are dealing with which also implies the landing pages that can trigger conversions. One must build them touching both the emotions and logic.

B2B marketer must do to achieve laser-focused landing pages
Statistics on laser focused landing pages

b) Penetrate the market with Hidden-keywords

Hidden keywords are hidden texts on a webpage. It is visible only to the search engine spiders that read pages and create a search engine index. Many use this to trick the search engines for a limited period.

Penetrate the market with hidden keywords
SEO prefer hidden keywords

c) Overplay your competitors with competitor keywords

Just like you learn from those who overplay you, the same techniques are used for competitor keyword analysis as well. You analyze your competitor’s keywords to see how they targeted their audience and their search engine rankings which are highly technical.


You can get into the right audience insights and prepare your keyword optimization with clarity.

Competitor keyword analysis

3. Decode your social media environment

Whether you agree or not, social media remains the focal point of the b2b business activities today, and deep down you know that it is true. The more you gain audience social media insights, the more you increase your pipeline.


LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Podcasts have started to unlock their real potential; as a marketer, you will never want to miss out on that.


Here are some smart tips you need to follow if you are to close deals faster with social media strategies:

a) Rise stronger with remarketing

Remarketing is also called retargeting through which you can build awareness about your brand and drive more audiences to your site. It is thought of as a B2C approach to get the abandoned visitors back to your website.


You can undertake to remarket with various smart approaches;

Smart remarketing strategies

b) Hunt for more customers with affiliate marketing

At this point, you might have realized that you can’t sit and wait for leads. Also, it is tough, but not impossible; all you need to do is some useful smart work.


Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy wherein you hire others to refer you. If you receive leads through them, they get the commission for those leads.


Affiliates are those, who are appointed for referring you to other possible customers.


Now, let’s see what it takes to get more customers through affiliate marketing.

Quality leads thru affiliate marketing

c) Build Influencer circles with Twitter

Do you want to understand how to create influencer circles through Twitter and shine in a Twitter-based b2b marketing campaign? It’s time you get to test your best credentials in b2b marketing.


Getting to know the pulse of social media is highly essential to socialize and personalize your products to potential customers.


Marketers compete to take stock of this situation wherein social media has conquered the User’s interests.

Leads with twitter based marketing
Twitters roles in B2B lead generation

d) Make use of Social Media Chatbots

How can this be true? Are you joking? No, and it is true that many b2b businesses have started to use chatbots to initiate their interactions easily and smoothly.


Chatbots are a special internet-based software program that is designed to converse and interact with customers on your behalf. They conduct context to the human conversation either in a textual or a voice form.

Customers expect from the chatbots
Chatbots for your B2B marketing campaigns

4. Stay unique in inbound & outbound marketing

It sounds familiar. Isn’t it? B2B marketing completes a circle with these two forms of marketing which have some unique strategies to be followed to get quality leads. Let us see a few of them:

a) Build double A’s with Webinars (Awareness & Attraction)

What makes this so unique? The fact is, a webinar can help you create a unique buyer persona for the lead qualification because the moment you have participants for a free webinar, it offers you the chance to map their interest in your product.


Your webinars must sell benefits, and fulfill the customer’s purpose. Let’s see how you should score quality leads by conducting webinars in a b2b environment.

Quality leads with the webinars

b) Let your direct marketing run like a seconds clock

It sounds silly, but it’s not. Direct marketing will help if you keep working at it like a seconds clock like you can know when a customer would turn up. Just keep working over the strategies and let the approach be specific, short, and personalized.

Get more of quality leads in B2B with direct marketing
Exciting stats in direct marketing

c) New Email marketing strategies

I know that’s what you are thinking, right. Email marketing accounts for a majority of leads after in-person interactions. As a b2b firm, you need to map your target audience and find an Email Service Provider.


DataCaptive provides accurate, authentic, updated, and comprehensive b2b contact lists for your marketing campaigns. It helps to boost your ROI through multi-channel marketing campaigns.


Get to know more about our email marketing from

Ensure you get quality leads with email marketing
Exciting email marketing statistics

d) Make your content speak like a personalized marketing advisor

How would you feel if you are provided the service you are looking out for? Sounds great! However, it requires excellent work to achieve this in b2b businesses. To make the content personalized you need to be clear, specific, and think like your customer.


Personalized not only means text and images. It means those tangible things that make the customer feel that the product is designed to meet his needs accurately.

Achieve quality leads in B2B with personalized content
Exciting stats on personalization in B2B business
Content management software systems

e) Induce customers with Lead Magnets

Undoubtedly, we have done this as Lead Magnets are a way to interact with our existing and new customers to further engage with our products.


You may have worked to get this right. Even when you write a white paper or an eBook, it demands lesser and impactful content that is visually appealing. It must be specific and clear.


Lead Magnets are an incentive or a valuable experience offered to potential buyers to get their email address in exchange. It must stand out from your competitors.

Lead management contain to get quality leads
Quality leads with the help of lead magnets
Lead magnets offer to customers

f) Influence customers with Button-copies (CTA) (Call-to-Action)

Let me say this straight. Button Copies or Call to Action also have a significant impact on scoring leads. They must remain hand in hand with the website design and content quality.


It would help if you worked your way out to know which Call to Action works well in websites, social media, and Digital Ads.

Quality leads from call to actions

5. Its time to run live with video marketing

Perhaps unsurprisingly the attention span of readers has reduced considerably. The reading habits are decreasing steadily. A message in a video or a visual medium impacts the readers.


Your subscribers or new visitors lookout for the latest updates, or values through videos. The first-time customers opt for videos rather than written material.

Quality leads in B2B with video marketing
exciting leads to video marketing and B2B businesses

6. Keep it simple with lead gen companies

Think about this; you spend enough money to collect and organize customer data. The truth is marketers are increasingly relying on outsourced data services for b2b campaigns.

More than 39 percent of marketers depend entirely on outsourced data-driven marketing. 54% depending upon the Outsourced and insourced data-driven resources for b2b campaigns
( Synthio b2b marketing report, 2017)

DataCaptive offers the most reliable and relevant outsourced data-driven support to the b2b marketers. We have been providing data-driven services to firms, ranging from start-ups to large enterprises. Our b2b contact database is highly effective, responsive, and convertible. We have comprehensive, updated, accurate, and authentic customer details that can up your efforts for multi-channel marketing.

For more excellent and magnificent quality leads, reach out to us through

Eliminate outdated strategies

7. Other exciting strategies to work upon

Just hang on a minute, there are several exciting strategies to work upon, and we have come to the final and seventh smart ways.

a) Get your trust back with marketing automation tools

Here’s the critical part, in the past, you had to bread your heads to get down to leads and convert them but, with technology, everything is simple.

Marketing automation is software to automate aspects of marketing and Lead Generation and has played a significant role in making the b2b businesses climb up their ladder regarding performances.

As a marketer, you may have a question about how you would receive quality leads with some of the marketing automation tools. Let’s see it-
Quality leads in B2B with marketing automation tools
exciting stats on marketing automation

b) Opt for extras with Lead Database

What it all boils down to is a Lead Database! The lead database is highly essential for building your campaign. It is the organization of the customer buying patterns stored as history.


Managing your lead database is essential to score more quality leads through Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing and CRM.

Quality leads in B2B with lead database management
Best sales automation softwares

Let’s make it easy for you!. Here are the top 5 sales automation tools that will help you boost your sales. 

HUBSPOT Award-winning support to get the most out of your tools Hubspot is a sales, marketing, and service software, provider. It helps you to grow your business without making any compromises. They believe that what is “good for the business” should also be “good for the customer.” Also, they help in enhancing customer relationships with the company. Therefore, Hubspot has established itself as the best sales automation software over the years.
SALESFORCE Automates workflows using artificial intelligence Salesforce helps you keep your business data safe and secure with advanced automation services. It unifies B2B and B2C buying experience. It uses data from multiple sources and devices to stay ahead of the competition. Salesforce connects apps and data with ready-made components.
REPLY Supercharges your sales team with sales automation The reply is a sales engagement and sales automation platform, which automates personal email outreach, calls, and tasks, while Sales can focus on what really matters – closing deals. Whether it’s inbound, outbound, recruiting, account management, business development, new user trials, or existing customers – Reply takes care of outreach at scale.
GIST Support solutions at their best for your business The gist is a growth and support solution offering all the tools a business needs under one roof. The tools aim to create a cohesive marketing and service platform that offers 8 tools, which comprises live chat, email marketing & automation, all the way to a full-fledged help desk and knowledge base creator.
EngageBay A unified sales, marketing, and service platform EngageBay is a single, unified and affordable digital platform for small and medium businesses. EngageBay uses a combination of marketing and sales automation to help many companies reach and surpass their goals. Features such as email marketing, lead generation tool, contact management, deal pipeline, telephony, email sequences, full-service help desk automation, and many others, EngageBay is a complete solution for a business’s marketing, sales, and service needs.

c) Shape customer’s interest with drip irrigation strategies

By now you are set to turn out to be the alchemist b2b marketer, where you turn regular leads to golden deals. Drip irrigation strategies is a technique to filter out those leads who are interested in pursuing your product. The goal here is to enable customers to engage with your product regularly.

Quality leads with drip irrigation strategies


Now after studying this post, what could stop you from pursuing quality leads for your b2b campaigns? In a nutshell, it’s your choice as the ball is in your court.


Take a confident front foot, start strong and let your b2b campaigns rock from the year 2019. Happy quality leads in advance!

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