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How To Do B2B Company Data Selections The Right Way

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For every B2B organization to function efficiently, current and precise B2B company data is the single most fundamental tool. Customer segmentation, analysis, and marketing communications can be effectively applied only to a robust collection of company information, firmographics, and transaction data.


With a large amount of B2B data resources available, it is becoming increasingly necessary to choose the right data sets which can be helpful in selecting the right prospects to target.

How is selecting the data on varied criteria important?

In order to explore the possible options that could help achieve better prospecting, companies need to stop selecting the same criteria for B2B data selection every time.

Selecting the right data can help draw more prospects

There are a lot of crucial points to be kept in mind while organizing and choosing relevant data for effective marketing. Let’s look into some of them:


  • It is essential that your B2B company data sets are equipped with the complete contact information of target company officials. This data must include telephone numbers, email addresses, etc, to enable maximum coverage of your prospective markets through the right data channels.
  • Selecting the type of industry or business based on SIC codes may not be specific enough, yet it does provide vital information that can be put to use for designing effective marketing strategies.
  • Choosing relevant data on the basis of location is of key importance. This can help decide the product and services – types and specifications, which can be marketed specifically, to suitably located companies, to yield larger revenue.
  • Getting information about the company size may not always be relevant. Yet gathering and sorting B2B Company Data based on employee size can sometimes fetch surprising benefits.
  • Selecting B2B Company Data based on various job functions rather than job titles would help you to target your products and services more precisely.
  • Selectively excluding irrelevant data can help you save time and resources as well as enhance the overall productivity of your B2B data.


Conclusively, making the right data selections and applying them to your marketing campaign can significantly enhance its effectiveness and give your business a competitive edge.

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