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Is Your Content Marketing Effective? 5 Ways To Know

is your content marketing effective

Is your content attracting enough views? More importantly, is it serving the larger purpose of your client? Is it providing meaningful information to the public in the sense that they are able to derive benefit from it? These are some of the questions to ask when you enter the field of content marketing.

content marketing

The customer response is obviously the primary concern of any brand and you should keep that in mind when drafting content. When the draft is as meaningful as the product is to the brand and the customer response reflects the efforts, it means that your content is indeed effective!

Here are five ways to tell whether your content is effective or not!


First and foremost, the content should be interactive. A person visiting the website or blog of your client is going to stay on your page for a duration longer than a minute, he will need to find a correlation of his needs with the content of the website.


To go ahead with this, a good piece of content should include well-crafted titles and segments which retain the interest of the reader. If he finds multiple points where he stops and says, ‘ah’ this might be what I need then you have got him in the bag. Van Winkles’ Casper is a good example. Simply by the thoughtfulness of their content, they keep the viewer attached for a good stretch of time.

Answer all the queries

In many scenarios, the E-commerce operations of a brand are doing the job of a content marketer. Just when they receive a call from a customer making a query, they answer them back in their sweetest voice and engage them with their content. As soon as the phone is down they turn back to their brash selves. This is where you come in. Save your clients from this deception. Your content should answer all their queries in the most effective and consistent way. The catalogs don’t need verbal marketing as their content will sell anyway because of their well-categorized supply of information.

Search engine optimization ranking

A page needs visibility for the people to be able to see it. When a person searches something on Google, he scrolls down quickly and clicks on the first four or five links. That is usually all that he needs to satisfy his curiosity. You need to strike at that curiosity. You need to achieve differentiation when your content is compared to your competitors’.

Search Engine Optimization Ranking

How do you do that? By incorporating stronger keyword combinations! Once your website reaches maximum visibility, there will a steady inflow of leads to it.

Complimenting visual aid

Brands spend vast amounts of money to procure the best look and feel. They compose multiple templates and eventually settle on the most attractive one. Certainly, web development and graphic artistry are one of the main tools in their marketing strategy. So for them to be able to trust you, your content should inculcate in them a feeling of familiarity. Before you build the content, go and revise the design of the website.


Check the images which will fit in with a lock and key. Use prose and language that complements the visual direction of the page. If your content does all this, then it is bound to be effective. Skype’s brand book is an exceptional case where the language is eloquent and humorous at the same time going along perfectly with the brand’s wavy feel and imagery.

Covers the broader perspective

The last point takes us back to the first point. If your content is going to attract customers, it should be able to capture the customer’s psychology in different ways. Do this by expanding into inter-related categories and provide the whole information to the customers.

Covers the broader perspective

If your content has all the above qualities then you are good to go, but if it does not contain these essential attributes then you might have to think over your content marketing strategy one more time to make it an awesome one for your business growth and success.

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