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Put A Spring In Your B2B Hop With These Cracking Easter Marketing Ideas

happy easter
Easter is upon us and brands have already launched into the race to impress the clients who are already eggcited to spend on decorating eggs, hunting for candy & binging on chocolates & alcohol. But if you are a marketer who represents the B2B industry segment, you may be feeling left out of the Easter marketing opportunities and taking the time for a well-deserved holiday. But it doesn’t have to be like that. If you haven’t boosted up your marketing machine to race into the festive buzz, it’s time to shut down the eggscuses and let your creative excitement flow. Read on for some Easter marketing ideas that you can execute this season.

Take advantage of the original easter message

Besides the tasty chocolate eggs & abundant time off work, the original message of Easter is regarding new beginnings which could be a healthy piece of inspiration for your next campaign.

Easter message

It’s the best time to spread the message of a new product if you got one on the horizon or have rebranded or restructured your company in some new way. Broadcast that new product, service, feature upgrade, or the new look when people will be reflecting on their own new beginnings & catch their attention.

Make sure the following elements are included in your campaign planning session:

  • The keywords that you want to be optimized during the campaign
  • The persona that you are trying to target
  • Quality content that will engage your prospects
  • Email marketing plan
  • Social media message plan

Dress up your website for easter

This is one brilliant Easter marketing tip to get visitors to your website to learn more about your company & solutions. Join in the festivities & goodwill of Easter using WordPress plugins that you can use to do this. A sensational video that highlights special Easter marketing offers for your B2B customers or a digital Easter hunt that offers prizes for finding the Easter eggs, can be a great way to re-engage prospects who haven’t already.

Theme based email marketing

Emphasing Email marketing still works. Sending out Easter marketing emails might just be the best tactic to beat all others when the talk is about price & performance. It won’t take much of your time or resources to craft relevant personalized emails that you can send out till Easter.
Marketing automation platforms can be used to set up automatic emails that can be sent based on customer behavior. You can use it to send simple thank you greetings or rewards to long-term users who have stuck around your brand’s journey which can include special Easter marketing offer gifts to short-term discounts. You can also use Email marketing to send reminders, follow-up emails about offers, new content, or even sales. This means you don’t have to stop your lead nurturing during the holidays or let potential leads turn cold.z

Seasonal keyword research

Your buyer’s regular keyword choices won’t be affected by Easter, but their search habits might. Using Google AdWords and PPCs, you can tap into the potential of Easter, especially in research on keywords that are relevant to your brand. This can be turned to your advantage for searches related to Easter marketing activities. You can also try including special offers (example: discount code) into your ad copy, alongside your keywords so your audience will be notified. Limited time offers can be a great way to draw people in, especially on holidays. Just make sure that you stop it right after the holidays so that the users can switch back to their regular campaign with minimal fuss.

Use social media to drive promotions

There’s also good old social media to let your company actively participate in the Easter marketing frenzy. Like all of us, your prospects are going to keep checking out social media regularly during the holidays – may be more than usual as they are not stuck at their work desks. You can use this opportunity by leveraging the social media channels to send out holiday cheers & and take advantage of this increase in usage by your prospects to power up the likes for your page/channel. Your prospects will be in the holiday mood so they won’t be in the mood to consume large quantities of information while browsing but enticing CTAs which promise useful information will attract them to click or follow for when they do return to work. Also research on popular Easter marketing hashtags that are doing the rounds that are relevant to your industry segment & post special promotions or content to drive traffic to your website. Don’t forget that the important thing about joining in the festivals through social media platforms is to boost your community & to make clients & prospects feel that they belong in it. Celebrate a bit.

Going mobile

Remember that, since your target prospects will be away from the office they will be connected to the online world mostly via mobile devices. So, make sure that all your content is mobile responsive. Avoid getting lengthy newsletters that are impossible to navigate but keep the core message on point & simple.


Make sure that the following are considered when sending out messages optimized for mobile:


  • Keep the image file size small so that they will load quickly
  • Resize the images in your email comms to the proportions of the screen & make sure that they render correctly on mobile devices.
  • Increase the size of your CTA buttons & keep them highlighted for ease of use on mobiles.

Double-check with your sales team

Before you leave, make sure to set up a plan in place to deal with inbound leads that land during the holidays. Make sure that someone is monitoring the emails & an answering service, so no calls go unanswered.

The Takeaway

Easter marketing ideas that you implement can become repetitive – well, how many times you might have heard “eggcited” without cringing? But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go ahead & try what seems fit. Moving forward We hope this post has given you some inspiration.

Keep your content light & fun. Also, remember that the key is to have as much fun as you can and enjoy the Easter holiday.


Happy Holidays.


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